Back to Back Big Days

It’s Sunday night, the most peaceful night of my entire week.  Even though this period of time is usually filled with anxiety over the upcoming week, in my mind, it’s the period of the week-long sentence.

And if you’re a runner, you’re only a handful of hours post Long Run.  Today, I was scheduled for 7 miles.  This may not be very long for most, but my inner optimist says that 7 miles is over half of a half-marathon; it’s usually the first half of any difficult task that is the most difficult to get through.

Think about it, when you start any chore you dread the beginning, the actual process of getting off the couch and beginning.  You have the entire expanse of the task looming ahead, and it’s intimidating as hell.  If you can stick it out until the 50% completion mark, it’s all downhill after that.  You think, “I’m halfway done; I might as well finish.  Screw it.”  That’s the spirit!

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I found my 7 miles to actually be quite easy to finish, and I didn’t feel fatigued at all despite this being my first morning up and out the door minus a pre-run meal.  I’m going to have to get used to the idea of not eating before my runs because quite frankly, I can’t spare the 30 minutes when I’m already getting up at 4:30.  I ate some GuChomps at the 2 mile, 4 mile, and 6 mile markers.  It kept me fueled and feelin’ fine!  1:03:36 later and I’m ready for breakfast!

The only downfall to my run was that it took a big tole on my feetz.  Check it out:

Monday is not only the beginning of a new week, but it is the first day back for the teachers at St. Paul School.  We have a new principal, and two new elementary teachers.  Dear Hubby and I spent quite a bit of time with the newbies and we’re very encouraged that this will be another amazing year with the new contribution to the staff.

Well if you’ll excuse me, I simply must get to bed early so that I can stay up two hours later than usual, thinking about what tomorrow will bring.

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