Eating Like Champs

When I waved goodbye to Anchorage for a soaring plane bound for St. Paul Island, a small part of me shed a tear.  No more restaurants and mega grocery stores.

Yes, I bought a junk-load of food and shoved it into storage bins that all arrived safe and sound to my doorstep, but you know it won’t be quite the same.  #FirstWorldPains#

But after a few days of preparing my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners I realized that I ain’t got nuttin to complain about!

I made Dear Hubby grilled pepperoni pizza sandwiches - well done.

Grilled turkey and Laughing Cow wedge sandwich with baby carrots and cracker thins.

Baked Halibut, brocoli in a cheese sauce, and quinoa. F'ing amazing!

And then there was this little heart stopper for a snack:


So yea, enough crocodile tears.  Man up and enjoy the heck out of your delish food.

PS – You probably noticed that a couple of my pictures are a little more fancy than the others.  It’s because after countless searches for a program that would let me waste an entire afternoon add text and fun stuff to my photos, I finally found the website that I am considering leaving Dear Hubby for.  Thanks to Paula at Eat:Watch:Run and Tara at Texas Runner Girl, I was introduced to  I know, I’m probably only a decade late finding this website, but I am loving it.  I went ahead and sprung for the premium package, but for $24.95 for an ENTIRE year, I thought the payoff of added content and features was definitely slanted in my direction.  So, look forward to more cerebral content such as the following:


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