A Handful of Happiness

So many things are making me smile today.  And just so that I’ll have something to look back on when the days are less sunny as well as my mood, here is a list to look back on and smile again.

1.  Genuine workout facilities in hotels

The Hilton Garden Inn located in Anchorage advertised, as many other hotels do, a workout facility as part of their amenities.  I have seen other “gyms” in hotels that were nothing more than a former single-occupancy room and a jumble of weights and a treadmill from the early 90s.  This, on the other hand more than served it’s purpose:

I love a good Precor

These floor-to-ceiling mirrors are to die for...or flex for in this case.

I cranked out 8.4 miles in this gym, and the built-in TVs helped keep my mind occupied when those murmurs of, “That’s enough,” popped up.

“Hush now.  Sports Center is on, Jackhole.”

2.  Mountains as the backdrop for my massive shopping spree

3.  Mounds of fresh fruits and veggies packed for the island

Now all I need is 25 lbs. of shortcake.

Mini fridge full of goodies

Please notice that there are blueberries, lunch meat, Laughing Cow cheese wedges, and an ice cream cone treat for being such a good girl.

4.  My first trip to Yogurtland

And I only had to travel 2000 miles away to experience this joyous joy.

I swear I tried to find a smaller cup, but when in Anchorage...

I started with a “short pull” on the fro-yo machine of each of the following flavors: strawberry, New York Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter cookie.  As for toppings, I went for crushed graham crackers, a few Reece’s Pieces, and blueberries.  One taste and I die.

I'm going to figure out a way to bring a franchise to my island.

5.  Fresh fruit and veggies in storage containers that MADE it to the island.

Yes, that's my actual luggage. Very Tommy Boy of us.

Here are the highlights of our shopping list:

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Fresh blueberries
  • 18 double packs of Sandwich Things (Yes, that is 288 Sandwich Thins.  YES!  That IS enough, Turd Ferguson)
  • 6 Danon, light & plain yogurt
  • 12 Viola dinners in a bag
  • 15 lbs. of Jennie-O lean turkey
  • 5 lbs. of Golden Delicious apples
  • 2.5 lbs. of pears
  • 2.5 lbs. of nectarines
  • 10 bags of baby carrots
  • 10 loaves of wheat bread
  • 6 bags of frozen strawberries
  • 8 bags of frozen blueberries
  • 20 packages of turkey lunchmeat
  • 3 bunches of bananas that promptly were depeeled and placed in the freezer for smoothies
Of course this wasn’t all we have at the house; a pickup truck bed full of boxes from the Post Office tells me that we’ll be taken care of for quite some time.  Also, a lengthy Bypass order is going to keep our tummies full.
6. A freshly cleaned and organized spare bedroom.
You can clearly see my pill poppin’ stash.  So help me God I will not get a cold this millennium.
This is one of our spare bedrooms; it has two closets; one is for my clothes and accessories, and the other is LOADED TO THE RAFTERS with our bulk food over flow.  I also workout in this room when the weather is too messy for our Ford Focus to trudge through in the mornings.  I often come back here when Dear Hubby is playing XBOX and I don’t want him to annoy me to get in his way.  And even if that doesn’t convince you, as a lady you should know that having your own closet saves numerous A.M. fights, so having our clothes in two different rooms is for the care and maintenance of our marriage.

3 thoughts on “A Handful of Happiness

  1. I am clearly outbof the loop… Why did you move to Anchorage!?

    I looove good hotel gyms…. The weather has been crappy here in Boston so I wentto the gym. Unfortunately the ‘voice’ got to me and I only ran 4.5 miles vs my planned 6. I usually watch music videos if I run at the gym but for some reason there weren’t any so I ended up watching the news. You can probably see why I was easy to break haha

    I also have an abundance of chopped bananas in my freezer… I am slowly getting my boyfriend to learn how to make post work out smoothies himself. I think he is getting the hang of it.

    Moving is super stressful. It’s great you have such a positive attitude! Looking forward to reading more about your adventure 🙂

    • Hey! I’m a teacher on an island in bush Alaska so that’s why we were un Anchorage. This is our 2nd year. The moving/shopping time is so much easier. I’m slowly but surely turning my Dear Hubby into a runner and showing him how fun the eating can be 🙂

  2. Sounds amazing! Don’t you love yogurtland. I have one right down the street. Almost too close. 😉 and yes, I think they give you large cups on purpose. It must work cause I always end up filling mine up.

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