So Long, Farwell

Captain Von Trapp; the World's first stage parent.

So long, Farwell Michigan!  Last night Dear Hubby and I jumped on a jet plane that took us directly to Anchorage.  There are no live photos to commemorate the day because when you’re snuffing back tears and snot, you don’t want a camera in your face.  So I left Dear Hubby alone.  I kid, I joke.  It was all me.  I was good until my trigger symbol was pulled out of storage; the damn suitcase.

If you think that suitcase is pretty, wait until you see what I use tomorrow.

I’m like a freakin’ puppy who has to be tricked into believing that its owners aren’t going anywhere and leaving them behind.  And no, it doesn’t matter that I’m the one doing the leaving.  Fool me, fool me.

My parents took us to the airport, and even as the Detroit Metro Airport came into view, I didn’t start to get teary until actual hand-on-luggage contact was made.  I think that triggered my mom too.  Two weepy old women in front of the airport.  Bogey would be so disappointed.

"If I cry, it'll make my mascara run."

I talked myself down from a dramatic scene of chasing the car down the loading/unloading dock of the airport, and quickly went inside to check in.  After a quick and tasteless dinner, it was time to board the plane.  We lucked out, even after a slight weather delay, that our third seat partner didn’t show up = more leg room = more comfort = 7 hours of Fancy Oatmeal drooling in her sleep.

WELCOME TO ANCHORAGE!  What’s not to love???


Sunday and Monday will be filled with a lot of supply shopping; both fresh and frozen fruits and veggies, meats, breads, basically anything that we could not buy through or have my mom ship to us.  I’ll keep you updated as to our purchasing progress.

For now, I’m off to make some coffee, drink some water, and check out the fitness room for my 4 miler.

3 thoughts on “So Long, Farwell

  1. I was thinking of you and Dan last night. Glad the delay wasn’t too long. We miss you both but are SO happy that you’re on your way to another exciting year! Thanks for this great post!

  2. Glad you made it back safe and sound. It was so nice to see you and Dan both at the Open House and the 5k. You are doing so well with the Marathon Training. I am looking forward to watching your progress – you are a great inspiration for me.

    As always, I look forward to reading your posts here at Fancy Oatmeal and on line at FB. Take care and good luck with the new school year 🙂

    Much love,


    • Thank you so much, Stephanie! I’m so glad we’ve connected through Facebook and are running buddies. Keep up all your good work and I’m sure we’ll be racing again, sooner than we both think! Enjoy the rest of your summer. Love you! Hugs to your family!

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