Anchorage’s Best Sports Bar Opens at 6am

You read that title correctly; the best sports bar in all of Anchorage, a city of over 270,000 polar bears people, is home to the Peanut Farm

As Dear Hubby and I were driving to our shopping destination, we saw this sign in the horizon.

“That’s the bar that’s open early in the morning for Thanksgiving Day football games,” declared Dear Hubby. Because of the time difference, four hours behind, an NFL game that starts at 1:00pm Eastern is kicking off at 9:00am in our living room. Most college football games start an hour earlier, so giving cliental two hours to get all good and coffee’d up is totally necessary. There’s a good chance that we’ll be enjoying the Detroit Lions traditional Thanksgiving game in Anchorage this year, and this is where you’ll find us bright and early.

Two signs of a good bar: log cabin design open before the sun is up.

I thought I’d like to check this joint out before putting all of our eggs in one basket, so Dear Hubby and I enjoyed lunch at the Peanut Farm.

Huge projection screens all over the bar.


Pool tables and darts to work off that sports bettor

Aesthetically speaking, this bar had it all – the proper amount of large screen, HD televisions and projector screens, open seating around the bar that allows every patron to be able to drink and scream at their favorite team, and fully covered waitresses. This last point might mean more to the female cliental, but guys if you want your lady to ok your visit to a bar on Thanksgiving, you’ll be glad it’s there. But how would the food measure up? I love the NFL more than anything, but I’ll be damned if I end up eating a greasy omelet and be stuck on the can the rest of the day. “I’m thankful for two ply.”

And this amazing gem was placed on our table, a personal speaker so we could enjoy the commentary on the Tigers vs Orioles game.

A fancy talking box

It was 11am and I was caught with wanting breakfast to preview it, but not feeling menu. So I went with a chicken wrap that had provolone cheese, red grapes, lettuce, and tomatoes. I went with a side of fruit, while the fresh stuff is still available. It looked incredible!

Yes, yes it was:


I earned every bit of this lunch. This morning I visited the amazing Hilton Garden Inn’s fitness center and ran 5 miles in 45:45.

And then made up this cheat sheet for shopping today and tomorrow. I’ll need my energy.

$500 ($200 in Sandwich Thins alone) later - we

5 thoughts on “Anchorage’s Best Sports Bar Opens at 6am

  1. We will be in Anchorage for Thanksgiving and wwere planning on watching the Lions/Packer game at Peanut farm (It is a good place – I’ll vouch for that!). My daughter lives in Anchorage and she called the Peanut farm this AM…Right now they are not sure if they will open for Thanksgiving morning. SO, if you want to see the game at Peanut farm, give them a call, maybe we can get enough support to turn on the big screens turkey day morning! Go Lions!!

    • I will definitely be calling them…and my husband will probably start a one-man campaign to get them open! He’s the biggest Lions fan, and to not see them on Thanksgiving day is a worse than a losing season =)

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