Summer 2011 Wrap Up

Happy Weekend, Fancy Oatmeal Readers.  It’s finally here and I hope yours is filled with fun, food, and festivities.  This weekend is special in the Fancy Oatmeal family because it marks the official end of our summer.  Tonight, Dear Hubby and I board a flight to Anchorage for a brief stint before returning to our beloved island.

View from my classroom - a perk not listed on my contract.

Sunrise on a walk along the coast.

Our town and harbor

Am I sad to see summer come to a conclusion?  Of course.  I’ve enjoyed every moment spent with my parents, my family and our friends.  Who wouldn’t miss sleeping in, not being tied down to someone else’s schedule?  But if I’m honest with myself, I’m also longing to return to our northern home.  I miss my classroom, my job, our AK friends, my students, and the lifestyle that at first was difficult to adapt to, but now admire.  The town and the people of my island can best be described as that piece of “the good old days” that seems to have evaded the rest of the country.  People know you by name and welcome you into their eye line with a simple wave of their fingers.  Time seems to tick by slower, more peacefully.  There’s a sense of community that I have only seen in churches and bloggers.  And genuine.  My friends and island are genuine.  And it’s wonderful to be returning to it.

This same day, last year, was very difficult; so many things were unknown about our new lives.  This year, I’ll be taking with me the good times of this summer and living on a high that I predict will be looked back upon for the rest of my life.

The Memories of the Summer of 2011

(Each photo is a link to a memory – Check em out!)

  Finally home to fresh fruits fro breakfast.

Wedding in Florida     

  Summer Baseball Games!!!

Happy 1st Anniversary, Fancy Oatmeal and Dear Hubby!!

      Trip to NY – Cooperstown & the Boilermaker 15k    



Twilight 5k

Ele’s Place

Mint City Race

       Big Decision – Half Marathon Training

Family Wedding in Cali

Grad School and Becoming a Bearcat, Baby!

Trying New Stuff

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