So You Think You Can Dance Finale

First – I promise this isn’t a spoiler post – the fact is I’m watching the “So You Think You Can Dance” finale as we speak.

I am a reality TV/talent competition junkie, truly.  I will watch just about anything that puts a spotlight on other people’s talents and is quantified by a panel of experts and has-beens.  American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and most recently, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  I do have a rule of thumb that I never watch the first season, just incase it’s either terrible and won’t be coming back for a second season, or I’ll love how awful it is and it won’t be coming back – averting a broken heart in both cases.

This summer I dived into the current  season of So You Think You Can Dance, despite seeing this face repeatedly on “The Soup”

I can make my mouth Pirouette, Skinny Bitches


I just saw my favorite routine of the season and want to teach it to my Performing Arts kids.  I totally think that we can pull it off.  I have a lot of talent on my squad.  Yes, it’s really a squad.  I’ve always wanted to be on one, and so now I am =)  So I declare it, so it is done.

And I just have to say about this routine – it makes me want to get up and take on the world…or at least bust a move a in my living room.  Introducing my new crush, Tadd.

So, you want to come over and see what else a B-Boy can do?


Intensity and heat and shirtless



"FancyOatmeal thinks I'm cute?? HOT DIGGITY!!!!"



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