Running Journal – Entry #1

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve been reading a lot more about keeping a running journal. And even though I have several apps, paper journals, and the Fancy Oatmeal blog, I haven’t been keeping as detailed of an account of my runs as what I would like, and have been encouraged to do. So this will be my first Running Journal entry.

Pre-Run Fueling: I prepared and ate one blueberry/strawberry smoothie, cup of coffee with a packet of Truvia, and a bottle of Zero Vitamin water. It took me an entire hour and a half to consume all of this food and drink because I was reading blogs and watching “So You Think You Can Dance” from last night.

I pre-run potty break @ 8:30

Run: 40 minutes at 6.0 pace. I had to stop at the 2.82 point to apply my Bodyglide around my sports bra area. I was starting to feel a little stingy soreness. I paused the app on my iPhone, but didn’t realize my tap to restart wasn’t effective. Not knowing where I was at in my run (my app is faster than the display on my treadmill) I decided just to run for 40 minutes. I gestimate that I ran approximately 4.25 miles. I drank half of my water bottle, about 10 ounces of water, during the run.
I completed a 15 minute abs circuit from Jackie Warner’s DVD, and finished off the other 11 ounces of water.

Post-Run Fuel: I will be meeting my aunt and uncle downtown for a goodbye lunch, and plan on something protein-filled, like tuna or chicken.

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