New Construction

Can you see a little streak of roofing hiding back there?  It may look like a normal privacy fence, but it is the gateway to creativity, learning, trial and error, and male bonding.  OH! and this:

I was quickly corrected - it is indeed NOT an outhouse. It's a shed. Not for making shadoobies.

This is the in between seasons storage shed.  And my husband built it!  Isn’t that incredibly sexy?  It’s less sexy when you throw in that my dad was the foreman on the job, but then it’s more charming.

They built everything, from scratch, floor-to-roof.

Just big enough for a couple of bikes, a push mower, or a cot if your husband is talking back too much.

Homemade front door.

Dear Hubby said that he had a lot of fun working on this project with my dad and learning those vital, manly skills like pounding a nail and sawing pieces of wood in two.  Yes, he did use the big time, “lose a digit” machines.

Dear Hubby the Builder & Handy Oatmeal

And you just know that I couldn’t let him have all the spotlight fun.

Doesn't it totally look like I'm hanging from a tall roofline??? Until you notice that my purse is resting on the air conditioner. Whatever.

So glad you didn't see all the pics of me GETTING up here.

The neighbors really liked this one. They told me.

All I kept thinking the entire time was, GET OFF THE SHED!

4 thoughts on “New Construction

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  2. Oh the projects, you are so lucky. My husband talks about and plans them all the time. In his mind our porch is extened out several feet, a new roof on the mud room, and above ground pool with a deck….oh I love his mind yet I have none of these things. Great blog, great pics…

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