A Change Would Do You Good

It’s tough to tell from the title of this blog, but it’s a total pun because the “do” in this case is not the verb “do” as in to perform, but  do as in a hair do!  (That’s a lot of do do…ha ha ha ha.  I’m so glad I crack myself up)

With the exception for a year when I went really short after being inspired by Paige Davis from “Trading Spaces,” I have had the same hair style since 1996.  It’s a variation of the “Rachel” hairstyle.  I know that Jennifer Aniston has said in the past that she hated that haircut, but I hated it when she married Brad Pitt, so I guess we’ve stolen the best from each other and now we’re even.

"I liked your hair shorter and with layers. The long stuff looks trashy," said Brad to his plain wife.


My before:

A few of my hairstyle muses…

But I didn't want my hair to end up being a happy accident...sorry Bob Ross.


Maybe forget traditional and go for a something more contemporary.

That would work, but I didn't want students hanging their hoodies on my head. And I have more fun than blondes. In theory.

Yea, blonde would wash me out, so color is good.  Color is very good.

Back off, I ain't whippin' this do back and forth!


I can’t pull off all that sass.

And because of my simplicity in style and understanding of complex mathematical equations, I decided to keep the style the same, just chop off a few inches.


Oh, and P.S. on the changes – I also started using Body Glide.

Oh man, where have you been all my life?!?!?  I applied it to my shoulders where I developed bra strap rashes and inner thighs.  It was fun applying it and not having to drag my shorts back down my legs was a treat.

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