Back to School Shopping

We are down to exactly one week before Dear Hubby and I head back to St. Paul Island, AK for the school year.  So you know what that means!  SCHOOL CLOTHES SHOPPING!!!!  Does it matter that I’m almost 30 and the teacher??  Ok, so you’ve got a point.  BUT!  May I remind you that I am indeed a student; a graduate student at Cincinnati University and a Bearcat, Baby!  So I’m covered no matter your philosophy on school clothes shopping.

As all experienced runners and shoppers know, you need to fuel before a day of cardio.  So Mom and I headed downtown Lansing and “Soup to Nutz Bistro.”

A fantastic restaurant, whose real charm is in the backyard.

Mom and I headed direction to the back so that we could enjoy our lunch in shaded nature.  I love how garden-y this place feels; very green, lush, and peaceful.

If I read more, and was part of a book club, I would choose this bistro as our meeting location.  But alas all of my free time is spent running, shopping, shipping, and organizing my NFL sports card collection.  Oh well.  Another life, another time.

I ordered the peppered tuna sandwich with carrot salad.  The food matched the atmosphere.  Check out the food and the serving tray!

The pepper added a lot to the tuna, but not overwhelmingly so.

The carrot salad was a touch sweet, and a few cranberries were thrown in for tartness.

The only thing I would offer as constructive criticism is that they should use less mayonnaise-based dressings to sandwiches.  See how much I scraped off?

I didn't want to have to run an extra three miles to offset that mess.

Tanger Outlet Mall in Howell, MI

After that delicious lunch, Mom and I were ready to do some damage at the outlet mall.  Say what you want, outlet malls are the pooh!  So take a whiff.  If you can tell me what movie that is a reference from, I’ll think you’re awesome for a lifetime.There are quite a few decent shops in the Tanger Outlet Mall; the Gap, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Ann Taylor & the Loft, as well as Nike and Under Armour. I hit them all up.  Since I’m more of a comfort over style kind of gal, my clothing taste tends to be a lot of simple, solid colors and either a sweater or jacket over top.  I’m very lucky that I’m able to dress informally for a teacher, very similar to a “Causal Friday” wardrobe.  Not this kind of Casual Friday…

Even if this was appropriate, I would freeze my nips off.

See. Frozen nips.

After a full day of browsing and credit card swiping, I’ve decided that 2011-2012 will be the year of V-necks and strips.


Under shirts to keep the V-neck outfits rated G.

I also found some deals on running gear; shirts, socks, and headbands.

The back of my “Run” shirt has, what I learned that day, Under Armour’s slogan, “Protect this House.”  I honestly was going on the assumption that the “house” was a reference to the Commodore’s “She’s a Brick House,” as in I’m running, being all mightay mightay, and for sure lettin’ it ALL hangout.  Was I embarrassed when the 12 year old behind the check out counter corrected me?  Heck no!  I stand by my interpretation.  WTF Under Armour was thinking, I’ll never know.  Whatever.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m the “Performing Arts” faculty advisor at school.  I didn’t really know what that meant at first, but when I heard that I get to lead plays, dances, concerts, and other assorted fool making, I knew I was made for the job.  So, never a moment too soon, I thought I should probably think about some of the needs of the club.  So Mom and I hit up Joann Fabric and their crafty crafts isle.

BAM!  Make it (sparkle) RAIN!!!!

Assortment of goodies

Foamy decorating wares

Felt and puffy/glittery paint.

Pipe cleaners & Friendship bracelet kits - My childhood is calling to me.

And this is something I picked up just for myself, cuz a girl has to pamper herself now and then.

Yes, those are lime green and neon argil socks. ABOVE THE KNEE!

Just so you know that I’m not about the “above the knee,” here you go…

Truth: I put the socks on my leg and because they’re not made for 29 year olds, they got a little tight at the top.  SO, I’d rather you saw my under-arm wing rather than my thigh muffin top.

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