Productivity Helps Blow the Clouds Away

Man oh man!  I must thank all of my readers who Pro Flowered me their get-well wishes in the form of Gerber Daisies.  So sweet.  So sweet.

They've been fertilized by all my B.S. =)

(Photo Source)

Your concern after my post of yuckiness this morning was very touching.  It seems all it takes to feel a little better is a run, a nap, and Mary Poppins.

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to take it a little easier on myself with an easy run for an unstated duration in place of an interval session followed by Denise Austin’s Pilates DVD.  I decided to load up on the treadmill and pound the revolving pavement for five miles in 46:56 (9:15 avg pace).

Afterwards, I showered, put my PJs back on and flopped on the couch for the duration of the afternoon.  Should I be embarrassed about my extensive laziness?

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Just remember this: it takes a lot of effort to be able to afford an afternoon off.  So how did I work smart and not hard to give myself the opportunity to take some time off?  Yesterday, Mom and I spent the entire afternoon doing massive shopping and packing for Alaksa!  See:

A chair full of soup mixes - 1 bag = 1 soup pot = four days of meals

Goodies for making sundaes and nachos during fund raisers.

Paper goods and eating utensils for fund raising nights.

What $250 of goods looks like...I could have sworn I (should) have more!

With 5 miles and 7 boxes ticked off my list of crap to get done, I have zero guilt for making an even bigger dent on the living room couch.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I simply MUST get up and use the facilities…and grab an fudgcicle on the way back.  Ta ta!

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