Why I’m Like Pizza

Today’s lunch inspired me to think about the food that we eat in a whole new way.

Yea, I totally wish!

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Well I’ve gotten a lot more healthy over the past few months what with my half-marathon training and more intuitive eating.  So if the saying, “you are what you eat” is true, WTF am I doing eating pizza???


The Crust:

First of all, I am NOT like the crust because I am a crusty ol’ broad.  A broad sometimes, yes, but certainly not crusty.  There are a plethora of ways that I connect with a pizza crust.  First, it’s the foundation of the entire pie.  Without it, there would be an awful mess.  I too have a solid foundation, thanks to my mother and father.  I’ve been grounded by strong family values, a good work ethic, and realistic goals and desires for myself and my family.  And I get darker when placed in a warm environment.

Sauce:  The sauce of a pizza is what gives it its zip, its flava, it’s pizzaz!  And you can’t tell me that those aren’t three words the describe my blog personality.  I specify this because it takes me at least three interactions with people to get me to really open up.  These occasions usually include a beverage requiring an umbrella, but I’ve heard this is often the case with other bloggers.  So just like pizza sauce, our true flavor lies under layers of other toppings, but it’s totally worth exploring for.

Cheese:  For those of you who know me, or my bathroom habits, know that I have A LOT of trouble with dairy products.  And if you didn’t want to know that about me, I apologize.  So it might surprise you that any part of me would be like the cheese of a pizza.  Well, let me clear it up for you; cheese and I are closer than you think.  I am an organizer.  A planner.  A problem-solver.  Cheese is the substance that holds the other ingredients together.  Without, the best laid sauce and veggies (meats, in Dear Hubby’s case) would totally fall apart.  Cheese and I are organizers.  We maintain balance in a world of commotion and confusion.

Veggies: The one truly, guilt-free portion of the pizza are the vegetables that are lucky enough to get ordered now and then.  Most tend to stick to mushrooms, peppers, and onions for their “greenery” in a pizzeria.  In my case, that’s totally untrue.  I would put almost any vegetable on a thin-crust pizza, with the exception of squash, corn, or beets.  Veggies on a pizza represent the healthy lifestyle; we all know that it should be included and always want to do more than what we do.  And variety is the spice of life, so I too try to switch up my workout routines so that nothing becomes stale.  So, I try to include as much healthy choices in my life as possible, just as vegetables for pizza toppings.

Roasting veggies for pizza

Chicken!  I purposely didn’t say pepperoni!  Chicken, so versatile, is really the most important piece of the pizza puzzle.  It is the protein, the energy, the substance, the heft.  There is something inside myself that I reach for in times of trouble and deep need, and the source is never dry.  When I need that extra push of effort, I go there and feel energized.  Doesn’t really sound like chicken, does it?  Well you get the protein/energy connection right?  It looked more fitting in my mind map.  Oh well.  And just like pizza, I’m not perfect either, but I ain’t that bad either!

The whole package!

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