Weekend Wrap Up

Phew!  Does anyone else feel like they’ve got a million things to do, but only ten minutes to get them done???  That’s how I felt all weekend.  It was as if the second I stopped moving and could actually sit down to blog, another DING from the to-do list would sound off.  And so, because I’ve hidden myself off in a corner where nobody will bother me, yes a bathroom, here is a review of a FancyOatmeal weekend, photo style!

Saturday, July 30th


5 miles in 46:36 (9:15 avg pace)

(Photo Source)



As you know, Dear Hubby and I have been working on organizing his baseball card collection.  I totally didn’t see it coming, but I was bit hard by the sports card collecting bug.  In the early 90s I had acquired a shoebox full of NFL cards.  That’s where my heart lies, the NFL; there and in the middle of a pile of chicken nachos.  We decided to load up on supplies at one of Lansing’s best sports cards and collectables store, Legends.

Here are the goods:

Yes, Ladies, I actually authorized and fully supported this purchase.

My hometown heroes

Win or lose…or lose…and lose again…lose by less than two points…gotta love the Detroit Lions.

As I was going through the stack of cards that came out one particular pack of cards, I squealed in delight.  There is something pretty exciting about getting a card that has one of your favorite players featured on it, it’s another thing to get a bonus.  I came across an authentic, genuine, legit, and officially autographed card.

Having an autograph from Nkamukong Suh (pronounce…..yea, just call him Suh..”sue”) is the equivalent of getting Conan O’Brien’s autograph; both are fairly well known in their domain, they’re rising stars, known for having losing streaks (the Detroit Lions have been losing longer than Detroit was a city…::sigh::) and have an eccentric fan base.  And this was the night that the rule of married thumbs, “What’s yours is mine” finally sank in for Dear Hubby.  I mean, up until owning this card, the only valuable thing I owned was my mom’s cooking.

Sunday, July 31st

MOVIN’ AND GROOVIN’ – 3 miles in 26:16 (8:45 avg pace) + Denise Austin’s Pilates DVD – upper body and abs segments

EATS:  Once a month, my mom and aunts get together in their own sewing guild, of sorts.  They’re all sewers, quilters, crafters, and chit-chatters.  And they all are experts in all these areas.  Their current project is to make custom double wedding ring quilts.  I was lucky enough to receive one from my mother for a wedding gift, very similar to this one:

(Photo Source)

Lunch was a potluck of delicious, fresh salads.

My dad snuck down into the women's party. Evidence!

My piece of the dream:

We were lucky to have enough leftovers for dinner as well.  So nice you gotta eat it twice!

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