Monday and August

Good morning, Fancy Oatmeal Readers.  I need to begin this blog posting by saying how frustrated I’ve been the past few days!  As you probably read in my last entry, I’ve been going going going like a wind up doll, and the opportunities to sit down and blog have been few and far between.  And as if that weren’t bad enough, the internet has been as spotty as a firehouse dog!  So I would just finish up another brilliant hurried paragraph and POOF!  Bye bye internet.  ::Sad Face::


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And since the world wide web seems to want to makeup after being a punk to me, I’m here and typing as fast as my little fingers will go in between bites of smoothie.

August Goals

I didn’t do a very good job of keeping S.M.A.R.T. goals for the month of July (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) I do want to do so for the month of August.  Because my lifestyle will change dramatically in less than two weeks when we head back to Alaska, I figured I should break down my goals into two catagories: Michigan Goals and Alaska Goals.  They won’t be tremendously different, but S & T tell me that it’s a good idea to differentiate.

Michigan Goals

  • Write out a training schedule each Sunday night for the upcoming week.
  • Strength train at least four times a week
  • One long run, two easy runs, one tempo run, and one interval run weekly…minimum
  • Track every bit of every food on Daily Burn app
  • Spend an hour each morning blogging
  • Read one chapter a day in Kara Goucher’s marathon book
  • Cook with my mom, even if it’s just stirring one of her pots
Alaska Goals
  • Write out a training schedule each Sunday night for the upcoming week.
  • Strength train at least four times a week
  • One long run, two easy runs, one tempo run, and one interval run weekly…minimum
  • Track every bit of every food on Daily Burn app
  • IF I cannot get to the gym in the A.M. – either of Bob Harper’s DVDs for 60 minutes
  • Call home twice during the week/once on the weekend
  • Three blog entries a week
  • Finish reading Kara Goucher’s marathon book/begin “City of Thieves”

This Week’s Training Schedule:

Monday: Bob Harper’s Strength DVD – 60 minutes.

You know how much I love Bob – like, MAJOR endorphins crush!  So when I bought his DVD at the Borders sale, I knew two things: he would kick my ass and I would love it! (when it was over)

Pre workout

I made it – there were a few times I thought that my arms and legs were going to shake right off my body.  I was sweating more than a Paleo dieter in a Krispy Kreme!  But as soon as our last deep breath was inhaled, I was back to swooning over my workout husband, Bob.

Tuesday: 3 miles @ 6.5 pace + Jillian Michaels’ DVD Level I

Wednesday: Intervals (6 X 400s @ 7.5 and 4.5 paces) + Denise Austin’s Pilates DVD (upper and lower body, abs)

Thursday: 3 miles @ 6.0 pace + Jackie Warner’s Circuit Training DVD – full body

Friday: 5k Race simulation!!!  (6.7 pace – goal) + Denise Austin’s Pilates DVD (abs and upper body)

Saturday: St. John’s Mint Festival’s 5k walk.  Originally I was going to run this 5k with Dear Hubby, but we misplanned (a word???) and my mom took over his spot.  So she and I will be walking this one together.  AWWW

Sunday: LONG RUN DAY!!!!  6 miles @ 6.0 pace – possible Jillian Michaels???  Who knows.

Monday Wrap Up


Strawberry and Peach Smoothie for breakfast

Strawberry Poppyseed (w/o dressing) salad @ Panera Bread

This is what I bought:

Wendy's Caramel Shake.

This was how much I ate:

Did I mention that I purchased this no less than twenty minutes after buying three more running books from Borders???

Chicken and Black Bean burrito for dinner.

Dinner was after seeing the movie “Cowboys and Aliens” with Dear Hubby.

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We both agreed that we would like to see this movie, but didn’t have high expectations.  We knew what it was and that it would not be winning an Oscar.  I didn’t mind seeing it because of Daniel Craig….I mean, who wouldn’t?

The wild, sexy west.

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The movie was pretty good.  Average.  It didn’t give us anything more than what we expected going into the theater.  Olivia Wilde was gorgeous, and if it weren’t for Daniel Craig being there to balance her out, her beauty would have looked out of place in the film.  And I don’t want to go on a Dennis Miller rant here, but can I just ask why Harrison Ford has become the growling, angry actor lately??? It seems as if the last three films I’ve seen him in have left me feeling like I needed to clear my own throat and that he could really use a day at the spa!

It's not easy being casually sexy. It's a lot of pressure folks.

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It’s almost as if he’s channeling Clint Eastwood’s character from Gran Torino, warning everyone by the inflection of his voice that they better, “STAY OFF MY LAWN!”

You'd growl too if you had 50 years of "Old West" movie set dust in your throat.

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And in other news…Dear Hubby and I passed Jessie Jackson, of all people, on our walk from the movie theater to dinner.  I bet he thought Cowboys and Aliens was just ok too.

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