A Loss and a Gain

SOOOOO glad that to report that the title has nothing to do with my weight or dress sizes!

Friday started out very well with an excellent checkup at my dentist’s office.  It’s not something I look forward to, but my hygienist is hilarious, and keeps me entertained as I try to mentally put myself on another planet to avoid all my senses being set on edge from the utensils grating against my bicuspid.  No cavities so I guess that means I don’t need to cutback on my Twizzlers intake.

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So there was a plus.  And to thank me for all my help in sorting out hundreds and hundreds of baseball cards, Dear Hubby took me to one of my favorite places in the world, a bookstore.  We decided to head to Borders bookstore, and I felt bitter-sweet about it because on the plus side, everything was between 20-40% off.  The not so great part was that the sales are due to Borders going out of business.

I hate to see great businesses go, but it’s just another sign that technology is taking over.  I’m totally surrounded by gadgets, including my Kindle.  It makes reading while traveling so much more convenient, as well as being able to get just about any book while you’re living on an island in the Bering Sea.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love spending hours in a bookstore.  I love to be drawn into all the colors and textures of the books.

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I’m an English teacher.  I’ll always have a relationship with books.  Please don’t tell my husband.

The funny thing about this story (yes, there is a point to this blog) is that it was Dear Hubby’s idea to find a bookstore.  He actually had a purpose, a specific magazine that he wanted to purchase.  It’s called a Beckett and it’s used to price out the value of any given sports card, Baseball in this case.  We went to the first Borders near his parents’ house.  I had around $100 in gift cards to Borders, so I took my sweet time trying to find all the ways to spend it.  Poor husband!  He knew in the first five minutes that his magazine was not at this store, and so he had to lick his wounds by strolling/waiting around for me.  But look at what I got!!!

I totally loaded up on the healthy lifestyle magazines that I’ve always wanted to pick up, but hesitate to because I feel that $5 for a magazine is a little much.  What if there’s only one or two articles of value?  That’s a lot for something I could google.  But when you’re 40% off, that’s makes things a lot more doable.  I also threw in a few calendars, a new book light for Dear Hubby, and some odds and ends for gifts.  So it was a great trip, for me.

  I’ve determined that it doesn’t really matter what store I go into, I can usually find 10x the amount of crap that I “need” that was never on the original list.  Shopping with Dear Hubby is a rarity and he always knows exactly what he’s looking for, so I felt bad for him.  So we stopped at a local pub to get lunch.

Lu & Carl's in Brighton, MI

We both ordered the special, Chicken Fajita Wraps!  DELICIOUS!!!

There was SO much chicken breast in this sandwich!  At first I didn’t think I could finish it, but then doubt was replaced by juicy, grilled veggies and “light on the cheese, please” flavor.

Dueling Chicken Wraps. Mine won. Of course.

After lunch, we headed home to Lansing.  I got the bright idea to stop at the Borders in Brighton, because it was just up the road and ya never know!  So here we go…round two of hopeful Beckett shopping.  What do you think happened?

Yea, another mother load for FancyOatmeal, and empty hands for Dear Hubby.  BUT!  Would you be able to pass this up, when there’s a sale???

I have been drooling over the idea of having these two workout DVDs for a long time.  Bob can totally kick my butt in the cardio department, but that’s being ruled over by running these days.  And I’m a total punk when it comes to weights and strength training.  I’ve been known to lose count of my reps and think my form is good.  I get a DVD in front of me and it’s like night and day!

I also picked up this book, which had high ratings on my Kindle review:

Why did I buy the book version instead of the e-reader?  Well I’m the type of student that needs to highlight, make notes in the margin, and dog-ear the hell out of my books in order for the info to truly sink in.  So let’s just say that this is the best shape this book is ever going to look under my ownership.  Ironic.  The better in shape I’ll get in, the more frumpy the book on healthy living and running will be.

6 thoughts on “A Loss and a Gain

  1. I am the same way with books I want to get info out of. I have to highlight, dog-ear, and mark away. It’s killing me that the Bible study book I got is from the library and I can’t do that. But there’s so much good stuff!

    You made out well this weekend. All such great stuff!

    • Between yesterday and today, I tried each of the DVDs out. Bob is insane, and I got the workout of a lifetime! The kettlebells/Jillian Michaels DVD was easier, but I’ll be upping my weights next time. Worth the purchase!

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