Testosterone City

Good evening, Blog Readers.  Today’s blog entry is slightly different than others I have written.  I will not be boasting about my accomplishments of days #2 and #3 of Half-Marathon training (5X400s @ 7.5 and 5.5 paces; 3 miles in 25:55 + strength training), nor will I be sharing the details of the goodies cooked up in Mom’s kitchen.  No, this will not be a blog about the fanciest of the Fancy Oatmeal either.  For you see today I am totally surrounded by testosterone.  Bulging biceps, virile hard bodies, and more 1980s mustaches than you can decline a ride home from.

Ugh. Looks like it's another night with Higgins. If only MY car talked too...

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When Dear Hubby asked me if I would like to spend a day surrounded by hundreds of Major League baseball players, I immediately accepted, and then questioned his motives.  Dear Hubby has dived head first into a shallow pool major project of sorting and classifying his baseball card collection.  After my mini pout session about cardboard hunks of humanity instead of flesh and blood, I perked up because I love organizing and

There was already a pretty good chunk of the work started the last time Dear Hubby went home.  He collected all the crates and binders of treasures from his youth, and developed a pretty impressive system for classifying his collection: card brand, year, and then team.

There had to be over 10,000 cards in total, and considering that a 7 year old was in charge of maintaining them, the cards were in great condition.

My retirement plan, folks. Jealous much?

I was hoping to see some hotties, you know like these?

Sean Rodriguez of the Tampa Bay Rays---and my dreams.

(Photo Source)

Adam Wainwright from St. Louis Cardinals. I'll meet you in St. Louis, Louis and it'll be MORE than fair!

(Photo Source)

Robinson Cano - NY Yankee. 2nd Baseman. I bet he can hit one hell of a home run.

(Photo Source)

Gabe Kapler - A former Tiger...probably on and off the field. Grrrr!

(Photo Source)

I was NOT anticipating these mugs:

Holy Head of Hair Hell!!!!!

(Photo Source)

This afternoon was really enjoyable.  Dear Hubby schooled me on the boys of summer back before the Tigers were in the World Series in 2006, when I started paying attention to baseball.  Actually I recognized several big names, so I suppose that means that basing our retirement on this collection won’t equate to us living in a trailer park.

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