I’m a Bearcat baby, so call me FancyOatmeal!

Exciting news, Blog Readers!!!  If somehow you didn’t hear my screaming from my home in Michigan, here’s the scoop: I found out this morning that not only am I am teacher/wife/runner/blogger/FancyOatmeal eater, but I am now officially a

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Dear Hubby got the call while I was in the shower.  When I came out of the bathroom, he asked me, “When are you going to find out if you got into that program?”  To which I replied, “I dunno.  Soon I hope.”  And then he got a huge smile on his face and said, “YOU GOT IN!  Your counselor just called!!  You’re a Bearcat!!!”

WOO HOO!  I have just joined an elite group of alumni and former Bearcats.  Here are some, just to name a few:

Urban Meyer – former Head Coach of the Florida Gators football team, and football player himself for the Univ of Cincy

Amanda FancyOatmeal is a Bearcat??? SCOOOOOOORE!

(Photo Source)

Nipsey Russell – Comedian and star of 1960s/70s game shows Match Game, Password, Hollywood Squares, and Pyramid

Amanda FancyOatmeal was so excited she became a Bearcat that she forgot to (blank)

(Photo Source)

The Naked Cowboy – Robert John Burck

Naked.  Cowboy.  Do you really need me to tell you why this guy and I are on the same team?

I think my G is flat.

 (Photo Source)

Abe Bookman – Inventor of the Magic 8 Ball

"Will I be able to pay off my student loans?" "Outlook looks cruddy"

(Photo Source)

Cris Collinsworth – Received his Law Degree from the University of Cincinnati

Former NFL player and current commentator, and all around Man of the World.  And a part-time Ichabod Crane look-a-like.

"HA HA HA HA HA! I already knew that Amanda would make it into the program cuz I know everything. Know it, knowy all, that's me!"

(Photo Source)

Finally, and my favorite ….GEORGE CLOONEY!!!

Now just because he didn’t graduate from the University of Cincinnati doesn’t make George Clooney’s Bearcat status any less than anyone else.  Maybe he will hold an alumni party at his villa in Italy and I could attend.  We could raise pugs together.  It could happen.

See. He's already got a head start.

 (Photo Source)

So what exactly is a Bearcat?  Thanks to Wikipedia.com I found that a Bearcat is actually a colloquialism for a wolverine.

NO!  Not that wolverine!

(Photo Source)

A REAL Bearcat/Wolverine is actually quite friendly and welcoming, and not at all douschy.

Hi Amanda. Welcome to the University of Cincinnati. We're glad you're here.

(Photo Source)

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