The Half Marathon Training Schedule

Half Marathon Training, day #1 is officially in the bag. I decided to go with the Hal Hidgon Half Marathon Training schedule for intermediate runners. Why this program instead of others found at or other running websites?

1. Keep.It.Simple.Stupid.

It wasn’t so technical that I felt like I needed a PhD in Kinesiology and Philosophy to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do on each day.

(Photo Source)

I’m not a runner’s runner. I was not an athlete in school. I don’t really know running terminology more sophisticated than “go faster.” The only kind of splits I want to be a part of include three scoops of ice cream, and I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be endorsed in any legit training plan. Although, if I made up my own that was heavy on the desserts, I’m sure I could retire before finishing my first half marathon.

2. It’s chill on the speed work.

The speed workouts that are included are not intimidating at all! I have attempted a few modified, interval workouts and they kick total butt! I want to first and foremost finish the half marathon, but I’d like to finish before the cows come home.

Did one of you fart??

(Photo Source)

3. Strength training

There are two days of strength training involved, and room to add a little more.

This is totally natural. I really don't have to workout cuz I chase my kids around the backyard.

I’m no fanatic, but I’m loving the way that adding weights into my weekly workout schedule had tightened things up, flattened things out, and taken a healthy dollop of “the continuous wave goodbye” out of my upper arms.

See this, bitches??? It moves when I tell it that it can move!

(Chyna 1) (Chyna 2)

4. It’s not too intense.

I feel that I could comfortably begin, and complete this schedule without hitting the burnout wall. I also wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the long run days. And as a non-runner, runner I like that Sundays aren’t going to turn me into one of those runners.

(Photo Source)

Today’s Moves and Eats:

Today’s plan: Run 3 miles.

I ended up running those 3 miles in 26:12 and threw in a lower body circuit training session with Ms. Warner. After getting cleaned up, I went on a 3 mile walk with my mom downtown.

What I ate: Breakfast

Must-haves for a smokin

Add it to your blender. Zip. Zap. Zot.

Toot toot! Smoothie heaven!

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich & Mollasses Cookie @ Lansing City Market

Dinner: BBQ @ Uncle Frank & Aunt Janet’s

Beautiful couple at our wedding last summer.

Amazing BBQ setup

Patio fun

And they know how to put out a good spread!

Me, the big DUH! forgot to take a picture of my turkey burger, but you know!! I got the photo of dessert!

6 thoughts on “The Half Marathon Training Schedule

  1. I also used Hal Higdon’s training program. I felt it very simple to follow..not too overwhelming. Granted, I did get injured, but I think that was because I didn’t take care of my bodies (knees especially) after runs. Make sure to use a foam roller and/or ice. 🙂

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