Ele’s Place Race Day!!!

Good morning!  And it is a really good morning around the Amanda FancyOatmeal house.  It was one of those “I’ve accomplished more before sunup than most have before noon” kind of mornings.  Of course I’ve exaggerated a bit, but my little family and I participated in the 2011 Ele’s Place Race.

The venue was ready:

Registration & Information Stations

Jackson National Life HQ

Porta-potty HQ

And we were ready!!!

Running duo!

Mom and Dad's first 5k

The route for this race was pretty simple, and since I grew up in the area I knew that layout wouldn’t be super challenging; no majors hills.  Although I had forgotten about the farm that was across the street from the starting line.  On the way back, I definitely detected the fresh scent of horses.  I guess they aren’t the only ones with G.I. issues around race day.

I was pretty pleased with my performances.  I set a new PR of 26:30, and an average pace of 8:33.  I cam in 93rd place out of 1600.  So yea, that’s pretty cool, and the weather was not.


A lil red in the face. Thank God for bottles of water.

And thank God for the food table after the race.  It was filled with bagels and fruit: apples, bananas, cups of blueberries.



And now if you’ll excuse me, Dear Hubby and I are treating ourselves to a 3D viewing of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.”



6 thoughts on “Ele’s Place Race Day!!!

  1. Great pictures! I was also at Ele’s race. I haven’t done any 5k’s in the Lansing area in a few years, but I saw this one on the playmakers calendar and figured I’d have some fun supporting a good cause. I agree that the food was great, especially the bananas and blueberries. Anyway, congrats on a great finish and keep up the running!

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