Thinking Forward and Back

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  The heat is starting to take a break from all its worries, and it sure has helped a lot.  I wish that I had a run scheduled for today, but because tomorrow A.M. is the Ele’s Place Race, I knew that the rest day before would be more than appropriate.

I did get my heavy lifting in this morning before starting my day by hauling all of our Alaska packages to the Post Office.

Junk in the trunk.

The total payment for five flat-rate boxes and one larger sized was a little over $100.  Dear Hubby and I have learned so much about packaging and shipping techniques; last year we would have spent over twice that on the same amount of goods.

SO happy for the savings!!!!

It really sunk in how quickly the end of our summer at home is coming up.  I am excited to see our Alaskan friends and students again soon.   I’m also looking forward to putting all of our supplies to good use, and arranging them in all the storage space we have in our house on the island.  I flock to routines and schedules – hence the joy in race training – and I crave organization tasks like pregnant woman to Moon Pies and saurkraut; not that there’s anything wrong with that.

After saying goodbye to the Post Office, I headed west and drove out to Battle Creek to visit my bestie from high school, Jill.  She and I were part of a foursome (get your head out of the gutter) of girlfriends.  I met Jill, Heather, and Diana my freshmen year in high school and we clicked right away.  We bonded over our love of the movie, “Clueless,” so much in fact that we gave each other nicknames.

 I was giving the nickname “Amber” – if you don’t remember, she was played by Elisa Donovan and was Alicia Silverstone’s main antagonist.  And even though I never thought of myself as the “bitch” of the group, I did really perfect my WHATEVER!!!

I also tended to avoid wearing boas in my hair.

Side note: I pride myself on the fact that I was a Paul Rudd fan before Paul Rudd became cool in films such as “Anchorman” and “Wet Hot American Summer,” made over six years after “Clueless” came out.

Who knew this fella,

I'm playing a guy who gets it on with his step sister. No blood relation, but equally as disturbing.

had such a big helping of “sexy” in him???

Hey there Hottie Amanda. I love that you don't taste like a hamburger.

I did.

Anyways – It didn’t take long for the four girlfriends to realize that “Clueless” had run its course.  We needed another teenage dream movie to obsess and kill to death idolize.  What better movie than GREASE???  None!  You’re right!

The story of my life...

And this time I was able to get a better nickname option.  So appropriate for SO many reasons.  I would be known from our Sophomore year until this day as, Frenchie.

I'll let you decide why I was given that nickname.

Today’s reunion with Jill was so much fun!  She works for Macy’s as their personal decorator.  I’m sure that there is a more technical name, but essentially, that’s what she is.  She is in charge of deciding where to place the mannequins and what clothing to put on them, positioning of the various name brand images, and the additional artwork around the store.  I never really paid much attention to these details, but when given a tour of the Macy’s in Jill’s neighborhood, I realized two things:

1.  There’s a lot of work that goes into making customers feel good about shopping in department stores, while subliminally advertising their goods.

2.  This is a kick-ass job and Jill is AWESOME at it!!!

Jill showing off her skillz and work husband.

Me showing off my goodies via the homeware sale. Thank you, Macy's & Jill!!

And yes, that is my very own Cuisinart chopper/mixer/blender/smoothie maker identical to the one that I am using now in Mom’s kitchen.

After all the shopping, us ladies worked up a Mexican food-sized appetite for lunch.  Jill took me to this authentic restaurant and I definitely plan on returning!

So authentic, they put it on the front of the restaurant.

The inside was quaint.

And the food was scrumptious!!!  I ordered the California Burrito.  It was filled with peppers, onions, and chicken.  I suppose what made is “Californian” was the avocados.

After lunch, Jill and I headed back to her apartment and finished getting caught up on each other’s lives.  I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like, but I’m eternally grateful for friendships like ours; we don’t need to be in constant contact or spend umpteen weekends together to know how important we are to each other.  There’s a reason why we become and have remained such good friends; she’s supportive, understanding, logical, and simply one of my favorite people.  Love her.

Question:  What nicknames and inside jokes do you have with your best friends?

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