Packing & Shipping

This afternoon, Mom and I decided it would be best to start tackling the timely task of packaging our Alaska goodies to be shipped ASAP.  I both look forward to and hesitate to start this task.  I am actually very excited about the thought of heading back to St. Paul Island and our jobs – an absence as long as three months allows you to recover from and look forward to diving back into the teaching world.  But it also makes me realize that there is a ticking clock, drawing us closer and closer to leaving our families and friends for another nine months, with a few breaks sprinkled in.

But these feelings are not new; I felt them when I moved away to college.  Such an immense amount of freedom placed in your laps, but also brand new responsibilities and a dose of homesickness that you will never anticipate are also entwined in the package.  And there was never such relief than the moment you realized, you’ll be ok and that your mother is only a phone call away.

Partners in Crime

Thankfully, Mom was only an arm’s length away as I laid out all of my Sam’s Club and Gordon Food Service purchases.  I love buying in bulk; my fellow St. Paul Island teachers tell me that shopping will never be the same, and I think they’re right.

We ended up with seven boxes total.  Please keep in mind that this does not include the items that we’ve already purchased through that will be shipped directly to the island – and the food we’ll buy through our on-island shipping program, Bypass.

I'm a pill popper - what do ya want from me???

Found a great deal on Zico coconut juice - and cheese soup mix. Don't recommend eating together.

Our big cleaning purchase is a Swiffer – I actually really enjoy cleaning with them, so this makes me really excited as 75% of our flooring is tile.

Doesn't look so daunting when the supplies are wrangled together in boxes.

In summary, these boxes contain our:

  • coffee
  • cleaning supplies
  • vitamins
  • spices
  • dry soup/stew mixes
  • Ziploc baggies
  • Assorted dry goods
We used six flat-rate boxes.  Because of the distance and heft of some of the goods, it’s much cheaper to stuff those puppies full for $14.95, as opposed to larger boxes.  Last year, Dear Hubby and I learned our lessons.  Smaller, more dense shipping is more effective than larger boxes.  More space = more opportunity to destroy the contents of the boxes.
I’ll keep you updated on our progress.  I’m hoping to get these boxes in the mail tomorrow.  I’m estimating they’ll show up at our Alaskan doorsteps in about three weeks, give or take a week.

4 thoughts on “Packing & Shipping

  1. I have loved so much having you in the same time zone!! I will miss you terribly when you go back!! XOXOXOXOXO
    Miracle Grow

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