Happy Wedding Day

Congratulations to our cousins Glenn and Selena!

They had the most beautiful wedding this past Saturday.  Dear Hubby and I were so grateful to have been able to witness the joining of their love, and that it was in California.  Beautiful bride, gorgeous groom, and crazy cousins!

Lookin' good...feelin' good

There. That’s better.

The ceremony was held at the First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena, AKA PazNaz.  It’s also the church where soon-to-be cousin Selena is a minister.  The church was absolutely beautiful, and the decor was fit for a wedding.

The lighting of the Unity Candle - Selena's mother, Alice and Glenn's parents, Uncle Marshall and Aunt Judy.

The groom and groomsmen.

What was absolutely adorable and touching was that Glenn asked his 90 year old grandfather to be one of his groomsmen.  He also asked Selena’s nephew and two of Glenn’s friends from school.

Selena looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, even though I’m not much of a veil gal, I thought hers was delicate and perfect.

Presentation of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gabriel.

We could not have been more proud to witness their union.  After the ceremony, there was a cake reception.  I had never heard of this before, but as soon as I figured out that this meant I would be having TWO pieces of wedding cake in one day, I thought it was pure genius!!

This cake would only be for looking, not for eating at the cake reception.  Tease!  But then this was being served, so I sort of got over it immediately.

White cake with cream cheese frosting AND chocolate covered strawberries!

There was a break between the cake reception and formal reception back at the hotel.  I took this opportunity to lounge in our hotel room and update my blog.  The time flew by and before we knew it, we were headed downstairs to the pool area to greet the new Mr. and Mrs.  And of course, nosh  =)

Smoked salmon and cucumber appetizers.

Our main course - almost a ying and yang of flavors, but they balanced each other so well.

And of course: CAKE!  Round Two:

Besides stuffing my face, I enjoyed listening to the well wishes and kind words spoken by members of Glenn and Selena’s family and friendship circle.  A wonderful surprise for the guests was the invitation of a legit Salsa dance instructor who taught us how to step on each other’s feet in rhythm do some Latin dances.  It was a lot of fun and I wouldn’t mind trying it again sometime, once my feet heal up.

For only having met Glenn and Selena at our own wedding, I feel as if I’ve known them forever.  A more perfect pair couldn’t have been made; both are some of the kindest and most thoughtful people.  I am so lucky to have them as family.


What is one of/some of the special events, not from the norm, from a wedding that you will never forget?

Me:  Of course, I will always go to my own wedding first.  However, if I think about something special that I will never forget from another couple’s wedding will be when the official Sparty from Michigan State showed up at the reception.  Both the bride and groom graduated from MSU, and so the groomsmen pitched in and hired Sparty to surprise the wedding party.  Dear Hubby got a sneak peek when a friend said, “I know I’m kind of wasted, but I could have sworn I saw Sparty in the bathroom.”

3 thoughts on “Happy Wedding Day

    • I love weddings and am so glad that we were able to make it. The cake alone, both pieces, were worth it =) I’ve only been in my sister’s wedding, and it was so much fun!

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