My Dream Gym and Other Discoveries

DING DONG!  WEDDING BELLS TODAY!  Our cousin Glenn is getting married to his sweetie Selena!  I love a good wedding, almost as much as sleeping in a comfy bed that I don’t have to make, but not as much as I loved working out this morning.  Truth.  Hand to God.

After dragging myself out of bed this morning, I made my way down to the Fitness Center on the Double Tree hotel’s main level.  Needless to say, I took many many photos because I will be recreating this gym in my home someday, even if it means that is the only room we can afford to fill.   I’d be willing to sleep on my treadmill track to make that happen.

Doorway to Heaven

Check out that designer mirror – It took off 10lbs, the opposite of all cameras.  I hardly could pull myself away from it.  I ended up doing an extra circuit of my upper and lower body exercises because I couldn’t get over myself.  I’ll be in severe pain tomorrow from my vanity.  I deserve it.

And these were the weights that toned me up for the wedding today.  What I loved about them was the grip on the handle was just right – it didn’t drag half of my palm off like some tend to do.

Oh and check out the view if you didn’t want to watch the TV that was set into each treadmill’s display area:

The only thing missing was Rauol, the pool boy.

I was schedule to run 5 miles today, my long-run day.  I managed to run at an 8:53 avg according to my Nike app on my iPhone.  I love seeing that number, so I’m going to go ahead and call it accurate.

To refuel, Dear Hubby and I met his parents and Aunt Ginger for the breakfast buffet.  I ordered an egg white omelet with veggies and feta cheese.  It was pretty decent, although a little too much oil was added to the pan.  I ate some of it.

Yea, you can see the oil. So sorry; I wish I could have eaten it all because I had my taster set for it.

Fresh fruit on the side saved me, as did a bagel and peanut butter later on in the morning.

And I’m not done bragging on our hotel.  Check out some of the views that we have from our room:

Setting up for Glenn and Selena's reception

Side note: Later this morning, Dear Hubby and I went out for a walk and I discovered this: Aloe Vera juice.  This was the sugar free variety, but they had others as well.

I’m guilty of not knowing a thing about this juice and making the assumption that it’s good for you.  No sugar added, no preservatives, and no calories.  We used to have an Aloe plant that we used on burns, and that felt good, so why not drink the juice?  It tasted almost like a diluted version of grape flavor.  Not quite Jolly Rancher grape, but more of a KoolAid grape.  Ya dig?

I dig.

Well it’s off to my third costume change of this vacation, and time for the wedding!  I hope I don’t show up the bride.  I’ll play myself down – I’m such a giver.

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