California and Backyard BBQs

BAHHH!  Finally!  Dear Hubby and I have made it to California.  There were a few times it was touch and go, folks.  I feel like we deserve to have our own version of the old school “Oregon Trail” game after all the obstacles that we overcame.  Of course I’m exaggerating, but that’s what I do, and that’s why I’ll always have an interesting story to share with you  =)

Our original itinerary:

  1. 8:30 AM Detroit to Dallas
  2. Three hour layover
  3. 12:10 PM Dallas to LAX – Arrive at destination at 2:30 PM
  4. Settle into our hotel room
  5. Schmooze with family
  6. Rehearsal dinner/BBQ
Scratch that when we received the Orbitz text message that said flight #1 was delayed until 10 AM.  No biggie.  We’ll just have more time to make fun of people at the airport.  As we get in line to check our bags, text message #2 comes up.  How appropriate it was #2 because it informed us that our flight was delayed until 2 PM.  Yea, really poopy news.  Thankfully the lady behind the American Airlines counter was very helpful in rebooking us on a 12:16 PM flight on Delta.
New itinerary:
  1. 8:30 AM Detroit to Dallas 12:16PM flight to Phoenix
  2. Three hour layover  15 minute layover
  3. 12:10 PM Dallas to LAX – Arrive at destination at 2:30 PM  1:10PM flight to LAX
  4. Settle into our hotel room  Grab a shuttle from LAX to hotel (1.5 hours)
  5. Schmooze with family  Quick hellos via text message
  6. sponge off my pits
  7. put on dress w/o smudging deodorant all over the front
  8. wipe off deodorant smudges w/wet rag
  9. Rehearsal dinner/BBQ
We knew we were in California when…
Thankfully we made it in one piece and made it to the hotel in one piece.
Double Tree in Monrovia, CA
We were greeted by Dear Hubby’s parents and aunt, and after quick hellos we wisked ourselves upstairs to our amazing room!  We had very little time to change into our rehearsal dinner outfits, so these photos were snapped AFTERWARDS.  I may be a blogger, but I know my priorities.
As Dear Hubby said, “Just in case I get into trouble…” Are you planning on it???

The bathroom sold the room for me. Modern. Sophisticated. And towels big enough to wrap around my body.

Love a nook for storing shower essentials.

Once we wiped the drool off of our faces and changed, it was off to the rehearsal dinner/BBQ!

One of our cousins’ friends hosted the BBQ, and boy did we luck out because not only was his home beautiful but he also has mad connections with the Claim Jumper Restaurant chain.  We would be served up gourmet BBQ.  Is there any other kind??

Family, Food, & Fun

Dear Hubby, cousins Jackie, Justin, and little Annabelle - a total doll!

Gorgeous centerpieces that would be carried over into the wedding reception.

Dear Hubby and I featured Calla Lillies in our wedding, but with the splash of purple, these were truly amazing.

Enough of the fru-fru crap.  Bring on the grub!

Grilled chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, and coleslaw.

Yes, this is still my first plate. My first and only. Just like Dear Hubby =)

And of course, dessert.  This was 100% homemade, from scratch.  Including the ice cream and fudge sauce.

The BBQ was absolutely wonderful.  The weather in California was right around 60 degrees that night, and we just loved being reunited with family that we haven’t seen in over a year.  After dinner we enjoyed catching up with everyone, and very eager for the wedding in the morning.

Dear Hubby and Cousin Glenn; groom-to-be

We are family! - Dear Hubby's Uncle Marshall, Aunt Judy, mom, and Aunt Ginger - all from different states.

Don't you just love flash photography??

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