Saturday morning of our trip to New York was truly one that was all about Dear Hubby.  After greeting the morning with a big ol’ smile, we prepared ourselves for a day all about baseball and headed to downtown Cooperstown.

Downtown was absolutely adorable, in a really masculine kind of way.  It’s the perfect blend for the sports junky fellas and the women who follow behind them saying, “there’s really no space in our living room for New York Yankees tray tables,” or “as nice as having a gigantic portrait of Derek Jeter would be, it simple does not go with our French Country decore.”  Think I’m joking?

I would have agreed had the portrait been of Jeter bending over to pick up his mitt from the ground, but we're not all art aficionados.

The street that ran through downtown was outlined by dozens of sports memorabilia stores and other mom-and-pop type restaurants.  Thrown in now and then were gift shops to commemorate the overall experience. Dear Hubby and Big Bro led the pack, weaving in and out of each baseball superstore, while I tried to figure out how many trips to Target this would erase off my “I-Owe-You” tab from Dear Hubby.

Sidenote: I really thought that this would make a great detective show on the USA Network.  Dear Hubby and I could star in it; “The couple who fights crime together, stays together; Line Drives & Lipstick.”  I’m still not set on who would be Lipstick and who would be Line Drive.

All of this baseball talk was making me one hungry tag along.  So we stopped here:

It did not disappoint – a blogger’s dream deli and foodie store.

We share the same philosophy on beer. I knew I liked this place.

Dear Hubby and I split the Latin Lover sandwich and a small bag of chips.  It was a delicious crusty bread topped by lettuce, tomato, marinated peppers, and slices of mozzarella cheese.

This was HALF of the Latin Lover sandwich.

I am a Latin Luver LOVER!

Fully fueled, we headed off to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

(Photo Source)

There were many many wonderful exhibits and it honestly did really impress me.  I certainly am not as big of a sports fan as my Dear Hubby, but I enjoy a good Detroit Tigers game; I’m no fair-weather fan.  Sorry Red Sox fans.  With Detroit’s rich history the team was featured quite a bit throughout the museum.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Jack Morris of the 1984 World Series team. Not really him. Pretty good likeness though.

Not that this was a glamorous moment for the team, but definitely a historical one, but this display was of the cleats that Armando Galarraga wore the night that he pitched an almost perfect game against the Cleveland Indians.  However, on the very last out of the game, Galarraga was robbed of his glory when edgy umpire Jim Joyce called the runner safe.

Just a little bit of Detroit Tigers/Baseball history for you.  Proud moment: I only had to ask Dear Hubby two questions about it!

Probably the coolest wing of the Hall of Fame was where they displayed all of the inductees’ plaques.  Dear Hubby enjoyed this part too.

After an entire day devoted to baseball, I was ready to carb load and hit the sheets before the biggest test of my running aptitude the next day.

***Something New***

I’ve read that a great way to bond with your reader is to ask questions at the end of your posts, so here goes my attempt at reaching out and making this a more personal experience for us both, Dear Readers =)

Questions: What museums or attractions have you visited that really impressed you?

One thought on “NY Trip Recap Day 3 – BASEBALL BONANZA!

  1. The museum I found to be most impressive, althought heart-wrenching, was the Holocaust Museum in DC. Truly, one is a different person at the end of this museum tour.

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