NY Recap Day 1: My Sister and Me

Background Info

Back in March/April of this year, my sister Jennifer told me about the Boilermaker Road Race.  She has family who live in upstate New York, Cooperstown, and they have been making running the B.R.R. a tradition for the past few years.  Since she knows that I’m an amateur runner and we were planning on traveling to NY anyways, why not enter too? Maybe.  “They give away free beer to all the racers at the end of the run.” Sold!

Also, it would be the perfect opportunity to spend time with Jennifer.

I have a confession.  I have a crush on my sister.


My sister Jennifer has been living there for the past fourteen years, working at various clothing and design companies.  She moved to NY, totally on her own, to pursue her career dreams of design.  First of all, for a small town chick like myself, she had me at Manhattan.  Her first job was working at Victoria’s Secret, like THE company, not a retail store.  I would fantasize about her life and how glamorous it must be; walking past all the shops and culture of the city, sitting in meetings to discuss the Fall Line, bolts upon bolts of fabric all over the place.  And she has the perfect handwriting.  I know that sounds moronic to obsess about, but just add it to the list of all the reasons why she’ll always be my idol.

And now Jennifer works for Calvin Klein.  Yup, the real deal Calvin Klein.  I visited her the first year I taught when the Senior Class Trip was to Manhattan; she stopped by to see me and the students I was chaperoning.  I had been bragging about her for months, and she did not disappoint.  The kids loved her and hearing about her life in NY.  Yup.  She has that effect on people.  The Smitten Effect.

So when Dear Hubby and I got off the plane at LaGuardia Airport, we very confidently, as if we’d done it every day our entire lives, hailed a cab (ok, so there was a lineup outside the damn doors.  This is MY recap, thank you!) and headed to Jennifer’s office.

Right behind that door is where the magic happens. I dream that Marky Mark is on the other side of the door, posing.

  It was SO good to see her!  We dropped off our luggage and headed out to lunch right around the corner.  This place was really great.  It’s called Schnipper’s and you order your food from the massive wall-o-menu.

It was tempting to order big burger and fries since the place had a diner feel to it, but I passed on both and a malted milkshake for a turkey sandwich with a cranberry savory sauce.  Turkey sandwiches man,….love em.

And I wasn't disappointed.

We spent our lunch laughing and getting caught up on our lives; Alaska, summer home with friends, traveling, Jennifer’s pregnancy, her “new” neighborhood, my plans for grad school, and of course what were Dear Hubby and I going to do for the rest of the afternoon.

Jennifer headed back to work and left us with hugs, full tummies, and subway directions to get to the Met.  I was a bit nervous about riding the subway, two novices, but her directions were clear and we made it without any problems.

We followed Macy Gray, so we were set....not really her, but I pretend that it was.

Is that Marion Barber?  I hope Ndamukong Suh isn’t around to pull on those dreads again.  A little Detroit Lions/NFL fan humor for you folks.

Anyways…the Metropolitan Museum of Art was amazing.  Dear Hubby and I spent hours there.  Here are a few of the highlights of our afternoon.

The classiest "pull my finger" statue I've seen.

This is how I look after I get off the treadmill.

This is a portrait of me in a former life. Lady of Leisure

After the Met, we headed back to Jennifer’s office and grabbed dinner and a movie.  “Bad Teacher” was hilarious and I highly recommend it.  It felt so good to spend time with my sister in her city.  In the morning, we would head north towards Cooperstown.  Boilermaker in less than 36 hours.

2 thoughts on “NY Recap Day 1: My Sister and Me

  1. You are too kind. I am flattered by your words & grateful for you! I had a wonderful time with you during your visit & so glad you could come to the doctors with me! Thanks for leaving out the “fat” pics! You are the best!!
    Love you!

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