Right place, no camera

Because the majority of my photos have been of staged props and people, I’ve rarely run into the frustrating situation of losing a moment because I didn’t have my camera.  I also don’t have children, so I don’t have a camera holster, but I think it’s time to invest in one.

This morning, while making breakfast, my cat (oh dear God, I’m becoming one of those people) Barry was being extra cute.  She typically spends her leisure time roaming between different sets of back-scratching hands or napping on the back of the couch.  She does however have a summer home on the kitchen counter, a lovely window-side bungalow.  And that’s where we caught her this morning, shopping for a new set of dishes for her dinner party tonight, in our cupboard.  It was adorable, and by the time I grabbed my camera, she had decided that stoneware would chip way too easily and moved onto Fiesta ware.  GRRRR!

And there was just no recreating the moment.

Jumping down from said pose.

Maybe picking out produce will be as endearing?

Yea...that's kind of charming

Are these organic?

Maybe she got confused with all of our baby-talk instructions.  She must be a visual learner.  Here, let Mama help you.

"See, like this Barry. You can do it, just like this!"

No matter how much we enticed her with treats, Barry was being an independent woman.  Gotta respect that.


It wasn’t anything brand new, but it was a 100% solo flight on my part.  And I only had to eat around a little bit of the yolk that got overcooked.

Breakfast was geared up for the holiday, sporting the red portion of the colors that don’t run.

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