Beating the Heat

Phew!  The car’s external thermometer read 104° and baby, that ain’t me!  What is there to do on a day like this, when the minute you step outside you feel like someone has thrust a moist straight jacket of heat around you, and the thought of doing much more than walking immediately back into the house drenches your back in sweat?  MOVIE DAY!!!!

Dear Hubby and I ventured out to the south side of Lansing to grab some lunch before the movie at Submarina, a sub shop owned by our cousins.  I grabbed my usual turkey sandwich and added avacado, but had it grilled – yum!  Dear Hubby has taken to the world of French Dips.

(Photo Source)


Afterwards, we literally went across the street to Celebration Cinema and saw “Midnight in Paris,” written and directed by Woody Allen.

It stars Owen Wilson as a lover of nostalgia and times gone by, and Rachel McAdams who is Owen’s frustrated fiance who is so over his rose colored view of 1920s Paris.  Sort of like me and hearing about Dear Hubby’s seats for game 4 of the 2006 ALCS between the Tigers and Oakland A’s.  Guess you have to be there.

"Ummm no, we can't honeymoon at a speakeasy."

It was a sweet movie; definitely a romantic comedy, but you could tell immediately by the dialogue that it was a Woody Allen flick.  It put Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in roles that I don’t usually think of them playing, and they pulled it off quite nicely.  If you’re a lover of Woody Allen or literature, you’ll find this movie to be quite cute.

(Movie Poster)  (Movie Still)

After the movie, we hit up Sam’s Club for some more Sandwich Thins; the way we’re going through them, thank God they’re thin and not Sandwich Huskies.  While we were there, Dear Hubby made friends with the clerk stocking the XBOX games.  3 legit games for $81 makes both of us happy.  I roamed over to the DVDs and found one of my childhood favorites, “The Sword in the Stone” from Disney.  As soon as we got home, Dear Hubby took a nap and I plopped down on the couch to relive 1985 memories.

Remember when the Disney movies started by opening a jewel-encrusted book, and pages were flipped to hear the background of the monarchy’s issues raising their beautiful and talented daughters?  This story is about King Arthur’s rise to power with the help of a magician and talking owl.  I feel like I can relate more to “the Wart’s” childhood than any of those other Disney princess chicks.

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