A Day of Accessories

Welcome to the holiday weekend, folks!  I am so glad that THIS weekend is coming up.  It means that everyone I love has an additional day off, and that I’ll be enhancing my tan at our friend’s cottage.  Oh yea, and it’s our country’s birthday, so I’ll buy a cake.

Because we’re not going out of town for the entire weekend like the other 99.9999995% of Michigan, today was not a travel day for Dear Hubby and I.  I decided to say, “God Bless America” by having my yearly humiliation physical.  Everything was in ship-shape, so I guess that means that Bob Harper didn’t totally destroy me the other day.  And that also meant that I was healthy enough to do a little shopping  =)

I hit up TJ Maxx while Dear Hubby got his hair cut.  I swear I could spend an entire afternoon in one of those stores.

The good thing about today’s trip was that I was there for so long that I talked myself out of 80% of the items in my cart.  But I did manage to get a few staple, accessory items past my own wardrobe scrutiny.

(Sidenote: I hate how I question my purchases when they are a little out of my norm; I’ve tried the clothing on and it looks good, but because it’s not quite my normal jeans and t-shirt look, I don’t know if I can actually pull it off.  Grrr!)

These beauties are all part of my big trip to Cali later this month for our cousin’s wedding.  The brass knuckles handbag and wedge heels are the perfect muted color to match my dress for this wedding, and any other outfit that may need to be worn in the future.  Easy peasy accessorizing.

For a pop of color, I threw in the very Carrie Bradshaw, travel-sized pill case for a little glitz in the often-forgotten toiletries department.  And the mauvish/pinkish placemat is actually my new scarf.  Tricky, tricky.

I wasn’t the only one who added a few touches to compliment their wardrobe.  Dear Hubby had been looking all summer for the perfect Detroit Lions hat.  Some might say the perfect Detroit hat would be a Chicago Bears one, but we don’t talk like that in THIS house.

His two favorite teams combined in one power outfit.


We were left to our own shenanigans meal planning  for dinner tonight; a rare thing to be in on the same night when Mom and Dad head out on the town.  I was ready to eat pretty light since I had my fill of lentil soup and pita bread for lunch, and Dear Hubby wanted another night of pizza.  Compromise:  make your own damn dinner!

I went with my classic, turkey on a sandwich thin, and accessorized with strawberries, and veggies.  The only variation was that the vegetables were leftovers from a stir fry Mom had made earlier in the week.  I’m always available to cleanup a leftover of veggies.

And because I was starving, I’ll say that it tasted wonderful when I ate it.

Sandwich thins and the broiler on the oven were used to make some delicious looking/smelling mini pizzas for Dear Hubby.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to accessorize my dinner with dessert!

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