Goals & the University of Cincinnati

With the beginning of a new month brings on a desire to readdress my goals.  Three things that I wanted to accomplish this summer are:

  1. Run, run, run!
  2. Rest, rest, rest!
  3. Research and apply to grad school
I’ve registered for three and ran in one 5k so far this summer. – GOAL 1 CHECK!
The couch and I have become quite good friends. – GOAL 2 CHECK!
GOAL 3???
I’ve tried to envision myself in a many different roles, and even attended a few classes online on some avenues that looked pretty tempting.  Some people are afraid of failing, and in my case afraid of embarrassing myself more than anything.  “What will they say if I don’t/can’t do what I said I was going to?”  Thanks to Miraclegrow’s guidance, I’ve realized that I’m not really afraid of what others will say or think; I’ve conceived a thought and given ownership to someone else, but it’s mine.  And fear is only real when I give it life; it’s not real.
I am proud of myself that I tried something, realized that it didn’t fit, and moved on.
I knew that whatever graduate program I chose, it needed to be one that would carry me through the different stages of my career; it needed to make me a better classroom teacher, but also open doors for different options when I am ready to transition into a more administrative/creative role.
And I think I found that program: Masters in Curriculum & Instruction – Teacher Leader

University of Cincinnati
Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction – Teacher Leader
Preparing Excellent Educators for Excellent Schools
Build upon your leadership skills to become an effective role model for your peers, and your students in your school. The online University of Cincinnati Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Teacher Leader program fuels your ambition to lead on your terms. As a Teacher Leader you will be prepared to serve as a leader, work with adult learners, facilitate and lead change, as well as coach other teachers at all stages in their career.
I found this ideal program at the University of Cincinnati a few weeks ago.  It’s an online version of their traditional masters program.  It looks like a lovely campus and I’ll envision myself there when I’m uploading my term paper from Alaska.
And I’ll finally be enrolled at a school with a football team.  Even though it’s not a Big Ten school, at least I won’t have to be torn about them playing Michigan State; and when I say torn, listen to Dear Hubby’s lame comments like,
“Oh and when was the last time the Bear Cats won a national title?”
To which I’ll reply, “2010 – Josh Schneider; swimming.  BOOM!  That just happened!”
It took me every single year since graduating from college to decide upon the right program for myself.  I was hesitant about choosing to continue my training in the education world because I didn’t know where the field was going to go in the future.  As a Michigander, and other states are feeling this as well, teachers are being laid off left and right; who knows if there would be jobs available after completing a masters program?  It took me almost three full years to find my first job, and six years to get into a public school; I had to travel to literally the ends of the Earth to find it too.
However, I really believe that the Masters in Curriculum and Instruction will be that ideal program that will allow for me to use my love of teaching, organization, planning, and developing both in my own classroom and throughout all facets of the school.
And as I wrote in my Goal Statement, I was given the wonderful gift of a mentor when I began teaching.  She’ll always remain in my heart.  I would like to be able to offer that to other beginning teachers.  It’s such a struggle sometimes, knowing if what you’re doing is right because Lord knows your students won’t say, “Gee, Mrs. X that lesson on pronouns sure was swell!”  And if they did, I’d send them to the counselor.
Application Status
As of right now, I have submitted my application, my transcripts have been ordered, and letters of recommendation are being written on my behalf.  I’m nervous as hell about this.  It’s sort of like that over-the-top quote from “When Harry Met Sally” by the eloquent Billy Crystal:
When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
And I guess I’m ready to become a Bearcat…for the rest of my two year program, at least =)

3 thoughts on “Goals & the University of Cincinnati

  1. GO TO UC!!!
    I live about an hour away from there, my brother went there, I love the city of Cincinnati (home of the Reds! Go reds!) and I just think the school is really great! Keep us updated!!

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