What’s Making Me Happy Thursday

Hey blog readers! I bet you thought I forgot about writing my Thursday edition of “What’s Making Me Happy,” didn’t ya? Well I think we all are surprised that I got this puppy up and running. I’ve been out and about today, not really doing anything too taxing, just stuff that had to be done. With only one previous entry under this new format, I’m already ready to switch it up. Today, instead of listing a bunch of different things, I am going to focus on one topic: the NEW things that are making me happy.

As you all know, I’m back in the land of shells and yolks. I qualify this as something new because it’s really a new respect for eggs as part of my diet. And I did learn a new technique for preparing eggs.


Eggs ala FancyOatmeal

*Smoothies for Breakfast*
Yea, yea, yeah. I know that this is NOT a new phenomena to the majority of you out there, but I have never had a smoothie for breakfast. This has been due to time constraints while working, or having the time but wanting something of more sustenance.
I used:
-1 packet of whey protein
-1 Cup Almond Breeze chocolate/unsweetened
-1 Cup of frozen blueberries
-4 frozen strawberries

Add it up all up and blend it, baby!

It was a great way to start the day. It didn’t leave me feeling heavy, and it was loaded with vitamins and energy to get on the treadmill for a low-key, 4-mile walk.

Breakfast in a beer cup from Comerica Park - the American way

*Homemade Quilts*
My aunt Mary made a blanket for my dad, and it turned out to be super cool! She created each block with my dad and his interests in mind: his cat, Gracie and Michigan State football.

Not really sure how functional this pose is, but it looks cool.

Dad's favorite block because it features his true love, Gracie.

I like that version of her better; this cat doesn’t require me to scoop her poop into a bag.

*Kitchen Gadgets*
Ok, back to me. What made my breakfast so incredibly easy to make this morning was the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Hand Blender. This was a gift from my sister, Miraclegrow, to my mom, and will be making an appearance on my wish list for this Christmas.

(Want one too??)
It was amazing! Quiet, quick, and cute! Just like me….except the quiet and quick part. LOUD AND SLOW!

*Gelato from the City Market*
The Lansing City Market is kind of like Target for me; you go in needing one thing and spend your entire paycheck on DVDs, moisturizers, and serving bowls. Ok, so the City Market doesn’t have those last things, but it does have Gelato!
It calls to you from afar. You’re not entirely sure what gelato is, and it’s quite possible it’s healthy for you; you don’t know. So you go in for a closer inspection.

Just feast your eyes on this!

Oh my heavenly, dairy, God!

And then you’re hooked and end up with this:

Strawberry Shortcake Gelato

And those are all the things that are making me happy. If I had a photo of you, I would have included that as well. Awww shucks.

See ya next Thursday!!!

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