I’m a Cheater

I am a cheater. I admit it. I cheated on one of the loves of my life. I cheated on Bob Harper, and I enjoyed it. I should be ashamed of myself and should be punished.

So who was the home wrecker that caught my eye and broke my heart? Jackie Warner. I’m definitely into guys, but this chiseled chick turns me on.

Oh yes, yes she does.

Abs-olutely impressive

(Photo Source)
(Photo Source)

It’s like I see that body and I hear “Let’s Get it On” in my head and I feel inspired to squat it out. I’m only human; flesh and blood and hormones. So when I saw that her circuit training DVD was on sale at Target, I gave it. I even bought heavier weights. Oh Jackie, you dirty, dirty girl.

(Photo Source)

After running 2 miles on the treadmill in 18:34, my fingers bypassed Bob’s Bootcamp DVD and selected Jackie’s. Oh it felt so wrong, and then it felt so right. I completed the upper body circuit in 15 minutes and my arms were on FIRE! Make it hurt so good.

In the morning, my entire chest, back, and soul were in pain. Even though I knew I stretched properly the day before, the feelings I was aware of were because I had gone out of my comfort zone. For better or for worse, I knew that I needed to return to Bob, beg for forgiveness and get back in his good graces.

It wouldn’t be so easy.

Bob was a man out for vengeance! Oh sure I could have Bootcamped it, gone back to the familiar, but I chose to show my remorse for wandering and did the 60 minute, Bob Harper Ultimate Body Cardio DVD.

(Photo Source)

He was a man possessed and was determined to make me sorry for ever doubting him and his workout routines. I was doing thousands of squats, lunges, presses, and Plyometrics created in the most twisted parts of Hell. I have never felt my legs and arms shake from a workout like that before. Even standing upright while doing Arnold Presses, my legs felt like they were being shaken up like a bottle of new nail polish. Don’t even get me started on the Plyometrics either. I know Bob threw those in there so I’d never forget this lesson. Masochist.

I’m sorry, Bob. It’ll never happen again….today. I’ll definitely need a day to rest.

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