I have always wanted a better relationship with eggs. They’re full of protein and good for you despite the yo-yo reports we get every year. Eggs and I have had our ups and downs over the years. I’ve always blamed a poor exposure to them as a child. The woman who babysat me before and after school was brought up under the “work ahead to get ahead” philosophy. I tend to agree with this in all cases except for cooking eggs and placements of carts versus horses. She would cook all the scrambled eggs for the whole morning at one time, and then when one of the 12-15 kids would come, she would reheat that portion of eggs in the microwave. Not a bad system for the kids that showed up 10 minutes after the burners were shut off, but I was one of those who got the “Hour and a Half” special. Rubbery eggs = no more eggs for me.

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I wasn’t opposed to all eggs. In high school I was able to get over my scrambled egg issue, but not the taste of eggs. Deviled eggs are definitely appropriately named.

So what happened on Tuesday morning came as much of a shock to me as it will to you. I actually asked for a dippy egg for breakfast. Dippy eggs, for those who are not aware, is basically a poached egg, or sunny-side up. I always referred to them as “dippy” because that’s how you eat them; dip your toast in the yolk.

My mom graciously cooked breakfast and served a delicious dippy egg on a sandwich thin, with a double dose of tomatoes, both in sliced and salsa versions.

I love having a side of tomatoes with breakfast.

And when it was time to get breakfast going this morning, I asked for another dippy egg. But this time I was going to learn how to make one. Cook a daughter an egg, feed her for a day. Teach a blogger how to cook, she’ll take photos and slow down the whole damn process.

What made cooking these poached eggs so easy were these little rings. They keep the egg together so it doesn’t roam all over the pan as it begins to cook.

Start by setting your kitchen timer for three minutes – this may be my favorite part of making this dish for breakfast. Any meal prep that is under five minutes is aces with me.

To cook a dippy egg:
Simply place the egg rings in a pan that’s been filled with about half an inch of water. Bring to a boil.

Crack your eggs into each ring; I put two eggs in one for Dear Hubby. Big man has a big appetite.

Sometimes the yolk will escape through the bottom, but this is the one situation where a leaky bottom isn’t the end of the world.

Cover the pan and let the steam do the work for you. After about a minute, remove the lid, and while using a spoon splash some of the hot water over the top of the eggs to ensure they cook on the top as well as the bottom.

Dear Hubby asked for just buttered toast and eggs:

It sort of looks like a face - egg eyes and half toast ears

Mine was a little more…diverse:

Dippy eggs, sandwich things, sliced tomatoes, and Honey-dew melon.


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