Lugnuts and Trivia Losers

I feel as if there’s a phenomenon that I need to address. I call this occurrence a phenomenon because it’s such a rarity that an entire weekend goes by without flaws. You can have a great Friday and/or Saturday, but then there’s the end of the weekend let down. “Back to the grind of Monday” mindset settles in as the hours tick away on your Sunday afternoon. But this weekend has been one that only has gotten better. Friday was phenomenal and visiting friends you haven’t seen in “it’s been way too long” doesn’t get any better. But Saturday…oh you twirly, seductress, You gave Friday a run for her money.

Saturday shaped up to be another beaut. Dear Hubby and I cashed in another set of Lansing Lugnuts tickets for amazing seats and pretty decent baseball.

At the ol' ball game

I really like the Cooley Law School stadium…it’s so weird to call it that. It’s good that venues gets saved by corporate investments, but it tastes too salty calling the Jack Kent Cooke stadium (home of the Washington Redskins) FedEx Field. But C.L.S. Stadium has always had a lot to offer all patrons, young and old, and those who need an entire station for filling up.

For the kids

Ask and you shall receive.

And maybe it was the lunch that put Dear Hubby in such a good mood…

pepperoni, mozzarella, a little left over roast beef.

Lunch on a hot, tin skillet...cast-iron skillet.

Yea, lunch looks a lot different when Mom is writing the menu

…yea, that could have helped.

After the game was over, we were invited out to play Trivia with our friends in Livonia. Trivia is like crack to Dear Hubby. He’s always sniffing it out, and Jeopardy is certainly an enabler of his addiction. There was zero hesitation when he heard that his partner-in-trivia-crime would also be there, Ellis. And it was on!

We arrived at the restaurant fully prepared to whomp on all the competition. I have a feeling that the questions were purposely written below par in order to attract a larger audience. And we weren’t really paying attention, because it would be rude to ignore conversation with friends…yea, that’s why we came in DEAD LAST place.

But just like Friday, getting together with friends always trumps any trivial issues you might have along the way.

Dear Hubby and I

THE Ellis and Elizabeth

Dear Hubby, Jess, and Mytty - the next couple in line to walk down the aisle.

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