Happy Anniversary! (Belated one day)

Sunday, June 26, 2011 was our 1st wedding anniversary! YAHOO! We made it, Babe.

And you’ll have to pardon me for not blogging until today, but you know, there were better things to do…like baseball and eating!

Warm wishes and Lugnuts tickets

Another day with the Lugnuts! The happy couple on their way to grab some sun, peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

But Sunday was also “Bark in the Park” at Cooley Law School Stadium. ADORABLE!

There were dogs ALL OVER the place! It was totally worth spending the afternoon downtown just to see all the different puppies showing off for their extra large audience.

This is Sky, cutie pie

He won the award for the best trick, hiding in a basket when asked if he wanted to take a bath. I do the same thing when it’s free weight day.

Who let the horse into the ball park???



All-in-all it was a great game and I got an amazing farmer’s tan from sitting along the third base line. But the most important thing was to get to the second part of our celebration: a night at the Lexington Hotel.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous! It’s only about 20 minutes from downtown Lansing, but both Dear Hubby and I agreed with my parents that staying under the same roof on our 1st anniversary might be a little…well, so that’s the quick and dirty explanation of why my parents bought us a one-night stay here.

The hotel lobby

I want to hire their decorator after we purchase a home.

But we weren’t the only ones celebrating a huge event on the 26th. Guess who came to town??

All the way from Dublin to Spartan Stadium - BONO IN THE HOUSE!

The majority of the folks staying at the Lexington last night were going to the concert, and there was a special set of rules for attending. I mean, Bono is a holy entity and one must prepare themselves before being in his mighty presence.

No drinking on the way or at campus; get tanked in our lobby.

Dear Hubby and I got the heck out of U2 dodge and found our way to our room.

Rule of Blog Photo #43: Never make a normal face

We were booked under the “Passions” package –
imagine…being served Dinner for Two by the glow of candlelight. You choose either the intimacy of your guest-room or a secluded table at Christie’s Bistro. We’ve also included a bottle of custom Lexington wine from Black Star Farms to finish your evening. (Ask about additional options, like booking a couples massage on-site!)

And we took full advantage!

A special surprise was that our cake and champagne goblets from our wedding were in our rooms waiting for us. After several tries with an old fashioned bottle opener, we cracked the white wine open and toasted our first year of marriage.

Dinner was ordered and while we waited, we opened our gifts for each other. I booked a couple’s massage for Dear Hubby and I, so I did the classy thing of putting cash in his anniversary card.

Making it drizzle!!!

And when I opened my gift, so sweet and thoughtful, I was totally blown away at the thoughtfulness of it. Dear Hubby kept in mind that the theme of the first anniversary is paper, and ordered the front cover of the New York Times from the date of our wedding.

They did us a proper by not featuring our wedding on the front page - we are low key people.

My Dear Hubby is the best. Awwww =).

Enough of that. AND THEN WE DINED!

A Bistro Chef Salad with both chicken and shrimp.

Dear Hubby went light too and got a Philly Cheesesteak and fries. But that was just a little snack to tide us over for our wedding cake. And man did we make our mark on that poor cream cheese filling, white, two layered plate of delicious.

Our original slice from the wedding reception

Hungry fella


Sugar-fiend gal


And yes, we WERE eating it on the king sized bed. At least we didn’t get carried away.

See, you don't need a fork to eat cake.

Happy Anniversary, Dear Hubby! Looking forward to many, many more pieces of cake years.

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