Friday Fun Night

Hey Everyone. I hope that your weekend has left you recharged to “get it” another week. I’ve already “got it” and whatever “it” is, you want it!

Friday was a great day/night with friends. It started with a trip west to rekindle the romance I once had with the town of Grand Rapids, MI.

What initially drew me to the land of the Dutch was my alma mater, Aquinas College. When I was deciding upon what college I wanted to attend, I had three requirements:
1. Small campus
2. Close, but not too close to home
3. Foliage on a building

Aquinas fulfilled those three prerequisites, and gave me back so much more. Two of the many many things that I cherish from my time spent as an Aquinas Saint were these two lovely ladies, my suite mate Katie, and best friend, Laura.

Rollin' with the Homies

Before rendezvousing with my ladies, Dear Hubby and I decided to explore my old stomping grounds, as he had never been on the AQ campus, or in the city of Grand Rapids.

Prerequisite #3 - Foliage on a building- CHECK!!!!

That is me in front of the Academic Building; the monks who founded Aquinas College were into literal names for the buildings. I spent the majority of my lecture-based classes in this building.

I gots my smarts from this here skool.

I don’t know of any college or university, no matter how many NCAA titles they’ve won, have a decent cafeteria. And while I never got food poisoning, the Wege Center (pronounce weg-ee) would have received two out of five stars from Zagat’s Student Edition. I say two stars because they had a variety of cereals available from bulk dispensers, and it was VERY easy to get utensils and plates out of the building and back to your dorm without being noticed.

Only AQ students are allowed to refer to Wege as "wedgie." This pose has been earned folks.

Ahh memories.

But it was time to get my hiney downtown and meetup with my ladies! Dear Hubby and I met Laura, Katie and Katie’s husband Brent at Republic. It looked mighty swanky and it didn’t disappoint.

The inside of Republic made me feel like my shirt and jeans feel like dirty sweats.

See. Swanky.

I ended up getting the Kobe Beef Salad. It was delicious and well worth feeling slightly out of place.

Vibrant colors and flavors

It was so good to see my ladies again. It’d been since the wedding since I saw either Laura or Katie, and it meant the world to have them both at my wedding. I had heard that people make their lifelong friends in college, and I have to totally agree. We spent the greater part of dinner getting caught up and repeating, “We are getting so old,” and probably pissing off the 35 year old at the bar just behind us.

Give us another 5 years and we’ll be marveling over how “old” we are when we’re totting diaper bags and enrolling our kids in elementary school, complaining about the low quality of music on the radio these days that doesn’t compare to when we were in school.

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