What Makes Me Happy Thursday – First Edition

Hey Blog Readers.

It’s been a very relaxed-paced day today. Dear Hubby went golfing with his dad and uncle Vince. The darn weather report only allowed them to get nine holes in, but it was definitely worth seeing the in-laws again. After a quick lunch downtown, I was determined to get my Algebra work done for the week.

The best laid plans…

Napping makes me happy. I never seem to have the time to nap when the school year is in full swing; ironic because that’s when I need them the most. So that got me to thinking. I would like to make a weekly theme of “Things that Make Me Happy.” I know, totally unoriginal, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Using cliches in my blog: makes me happy.

1. Cars that make you think

I always thought that the Cupid Shuffle was what “it” was all about.

This reminded me to get home and buy tickets to this year’s Common Ground festival. Trey Songz and LL Cool J on the same marquee = I’m throwing my granny panties on the stage.

2. Using fresh strawberries in my meals.
As someone who doesn’t have access to a lot of fresh produce from September to June, I have been indulging over and over again this summer. Even if you’re from the lower 48, you know the joy of hitting the peak growing season for your favorite fruit. Mine is strawberries.

Tonight's dinner



3. Forgotten packages

Oh for me???

I forgot that I had ordered this GORGEOUS necklaces back in Alaska.

Love the details

I purchased this through Esty’s website, but more specifically from MadeBySam2. They have beautiful, beautiful things there. You must visit.

4. Lost time
If you remember my post from earlier today, I flaunted my PR time of 29:19 from last night’s 5k. Yea, I know you “professional” runners out there wish that you could fly like me. But then I went to the Playmaker’s results page and found this:

Pardon me while I brush that dirt off my shoulder

I actually came in at 28:50, a whole 29 seconds FASTER than I thought! And I came in 12th out of 36 runners in my gender/age group. Yea, that feels real real good.

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