Post Race Day

And the 2011 Twilight 5k is in the history books! It was a great race and the weather held out for us; no rain, only dark clouds to keep the sun from blazing down on us. I am very proud of all my family who raced with us! We all finished and hit our goals. I personally set a new PR of 29:19!!! And my cousin Rick came in 3rd for his age bracket!! We are some racin’ hot shots!

We took pics beforehand so our faces wouldn’t be dripping off our chins.

Ready for a confession? No, I didn’t need to stop and use nature’s restroom, but about two minutes after I finished the race, I felt a tingling along my hairline, and then behind my knees, and then on my waistline, and then ALL OVER MY BODY! I thought back over my run, and no I hadn’t fallen into a poison ivy plant. WTH? All I wanted to do was tear off all my clothes and scratch my way into heaven, but people were around and that would be, well…illegal. So I held my composure until we got back to the house, and then bolted upstairs to see what was going on.

Much to your delight, I didn’t take pictures, but my entire stomach, back, and upper leg area was covered in red blotches! It really did remind me of poison ivy, with the redness and bumpy bumps. Thankfully the urge to itch went away as soon as I got my running shirt off. I headed back downstairs with a new, dry cotton shirt and felt much much better. That long neck beer didn’t hurt either.

I headed off to slumber after two turkey and Sandwich thin sandwiches and tortilla chips. I awoke this morning and the redness and irritation was gone from my body, but the good times with family will be here forever. I got a feelin we got a tradition in the making!

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