5k Day!

And a fine afternoon to you as well!

Today is the day! It’s the 9th annual Twilight 5k A.K.A. Wey Family Fun Run in downtown Lansing! I have not run in a 5k in over … yea, well let’s just go ahead and call this my 2nd, 1st race. Cuz I mean, if girls can revirginize themselves, then there’s been enough time passed between 2005 and now to call me a 5k maiden.

What makes this 5k race experience different from the others I have read about via other blogs and online articles is that it takes place at 7pm. Thankfully I do not have a day job during the summer, so I was able to spend my waking hours lounging in front of the TV and running fun errands, like buying beer for the post-race-party.

Actually this morning my day was a little bit different all the way around, not just scheduling meals based upon my “Don’t poop your pants” menu.

My day started with the “strum setting” alarm going off on my phone at 7am. Usually I am up between 6:00 and 6:30, but I fear that my body is still recouping from our trip to FL. My parents left for a three-day trip to Niagara Falls, which is literally the 3rd time in my life that I have been at my house without my parents overnight. It happened once when I was in college, my freshmen year; again when I got engaged to Dear Hubby; and now. Yea, they were a total buzz kill to a hopeful teenager.

Race Prep and Memory Lane
Just after reclaiming the house as my own for the next 72 hours, I chowed down on bananas and yogurt, along with a brand new variety of peanut butter I purchased the previous day. I had been enticed by this nutty company and their variety of flavors, so I gave in.

This was the most tame flavor I could find; also the one I would be least likely to consume in one night.

This consistency was great; not too "crunchy" and yet not totally "smooth"

This was just enough fuel to get me through a ST session with my hunny, Bob Harper. I didn’t want to over do it this morning, but my two cups of coffee gave me way too much energy to waste. I walked 1.6 miles on the treadmill while watching an old episode of Property Ladder and then 20 minutes with Biggest Loser Bootcamp friends.

Dear Hubby and I headed out to buy provisions for the family after the Twilight 5k, but due to construction, I got lost took the scenic route. We ended up in my old neighborhood; the one where I spent the first 22 years of my life. It’s totally different than my parents’ downtown neighborhood lot. An amazingly old fashioned and quaint town, Wacousta, MI (yes that’s a real place) was my home. And since Dear Hubby had never been there before, as had 95% of the rest of Michiganders, I decided to “show out.”

My old house...yes, you can go home again, but you can't park in the driveway.

Keep in mind that this house is 1/4 miles off the road and obviously totally surrounded by foliage. The lot itself is 19 acres and the Grand River floats along the perimeter. I spent so many summer days of my youth exploring the back woods and mowing the lawn. Glad that’s someone else’s job now.

The true charmer of Wacousta is our General Store, located in the “downtown” area.

You might not be able to tell, but that Marlboro sign is the same one that was there in 1981.

It was great going back and narrate old memories of my youth with Dear Hubby. I was so glad to move away from there at one point; I needed more excitement than the neighbor running into a deer on his way home from work. Sad story for both myself and the deer. Now that I’ve gone back, it doesn’t seem so bad.

After getting back to our schedule, Dear Hubby and I hit up the grocery store and came back for some lunch. Nothing special, just turkey sandwich and spinach salad.

Lunch in the library, apparently.

Spinach, cucumbers, strawberries, and ginger dressing.

And a little bit of me acting like an ass clown.

"It's good"

What are you looking at???

Yea, the storm clouds were back and totally blanketed the house in darkness this afternoon. We were a little afraid that it would affect the race, but the local weather guys said we would be bypassed at just the right time.

Well it’s about time for me to get my gear together. Wish me and my family luck tonight!

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