Back from Another World – Party Guy and Party Gal Get Hitched

Yes, I am back.

No, I did not fall off the face of the Earth; although I felt as if I were in a totally different world than my daily grind. Our dear friends, Party Guy and Party Gal, got married in Flo-rida. It was A-mazing! If you were to look up the phrase “perfect wedding week,” you would see a picture of me, getting “a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now.” I was definitely excited about going, fully intent on blogging my timeline of fun. But we’ll get to why I didn’t in a minute.

When my alarm went off at 4:45am on Thursday morning, I knew that I was going to need an extra kick in the face to keep myself from passing out in the corner and missing my flight. I had never been to a Coffee Beanery, but when in the Metro Airport…yada, yada. And I knew that I didn’t want a hot coffee drink, so I went to my old friend Chai tea. I ordered, at the suggestion of my barista (yes, MY barista. As he took my $3.85, I claimed him as mine until being pushed out of the way for the next in line) Chai Chiller.

My laptop case makes a jazzy placemat, don't ya think?

I only took about three drags from this sugary concoction, mostly because I wasn’t expecting it to be as dairy-heavy as what there was. I had my fair share of skinny lattes in the past, but this was definitely more than I was ready to ingest just before getting onto an airplane, or ever. Flavor = 8 Density = 4. Thankfully the last time I saw any of my Chiller was when I threw it in the trashcan.

I had a great time in the Charlotte, NC airport. After walking half a mile to my new gate, I was entertained by this cutie pie whose grandma was a great sport:

Watch out kiddo, I'm next!

I took a smaller plane from North Carolina to Melbourne Beach, FL.

Through this door is the route to relaxation and sunshine.

The passengers had to walk outside from the gate to their plane, just like we do when on the island in Alaska. I was glad that I didn’t need a parka.

Dear Hubby was right there at the airport to pick me up, fully loaded with a smile.

Oh, sorry sir. I thought you were my husband.

When we pulled up to our hotel/home away from home for the weekend, I was amazed! You have ideas about what it would be like to spend a 5-day weekend on the beaches of Florida, and this place did not let me down. If you’re ever in Melbourne Beach, FL please book your stay at the Crowne Plaza The staff and accommodations are awesome.

Pool or ocean? Love that this was the most difficult decision I made all week.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

So what’s your excuse?
“Hey, why didn’t you blog while you were down there?”

Are you ready for my excuses? You know I got em!

First of all it wasn’t as if I was without plenty of events/people/sites to feature a blog around. I had my camera with me and had so many amazing people I now call friends to tell you/show you all about. The most important reason why I didn’t blog was because of this:

Thank GOD!! this wasn't the weather condition for the wedding.

My beautiful camera had tough time dealing with the constant transition from high humidity and temperatures to air conditioning. And quite frankly, with all the time spent on the beach and trips in and out of the water, I didn’t want my camera to get damaged or stolen.

So that’s why I didn’t bring it to the beach. What about the other events surrounding the wedding: the welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, and wedding???

One word: cocktails.

Ok, so I know better than to try and get away with that as my excuse, mostly because I was never partaking past the point of being able to photograph.

BUT! Our good friend, Harvey, is an amateur photographer and does everyone a huge proper by snapping pictures during big events when others might not be able to. So in honor of our friends, Party Guy and Party Gal, here are some highlights via Harvey.

Amazing panoramic shot of the beach. And yes, that "Foresters" is for our wedding.

A handful of our friends (have I mentioned how much I love the friends in our lives????) wrote out the married couple’s last name in the seaweed that washed up on the beach. It was right in front of the ceremony location. So. Sweet.

Making a memory

Minister, Party Guy (groom) and Dear Hubby, Best Man

I loved the boutonnieres that Party Gal chose for the groomsmen. Here is a close up that I took with my iPhone’s camera.

The reception kept the good times coming. Good food, plentiful drinks, mad moves on the dance floor.

That would be chilled cantaloupe and honey-do soup in our bowls. YUM!

And what would a blog post be without an embarrassing photo of yours truly?

Naturally goofy face; didn't have to pose for that one.

I saved the best for last: the bride! Party Gal was/is beautiful! There were many many shots of the couple, but I fell in love with this photo of them as they cut their wedding cake. It is the perfect portrayal of their emotion throughout the entire weekend: pure happiness.

We love you both dearly.

3 thoughts on “Back from Another World – Party Guy and Party Gal Get Hitched

  1. I’m with you, Amanda. It was beautiful, touching and fun. I haven’t partied like that in a long time! Great spending time with you, Dan and all of your wonderful friends!

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