This morning came way too quickly, especially after a night of celebrating the end of basketball season for another year the NBA finals and crowning the Dallas Mavs the kings of the world. Let’s make one thing clear: I could care less how many titles Lebron, Carmelo, Kobe, or Shaq win; I do care how many of those games I’ll be forced to watch. I am a sports fan, but there is something about professional basketball that doesn’t appeal to any part of me. Over-paid, spoiled and entitled athletes is not exclusive to the NBA, so that can’t be why I don’t care for it. It’s just one of those things that is what it is because it is. I did put in an extra “YAH” and “GO” for Dirk Nowitzki for three reasons:
1. He’s German
2. He stuck out the lean years with the Mavs
3. His doppleganger is Barry Pepper; the snipper and my personal crush from Saving Private Ryan

See I wasn't kidding.

(Dirk and Barry)
Bright and early this morning, we loaded up the car and I said by goodbye to Dear Hubby for the next three days. And I’m making the most of it. I have a few shopping errands that I need to take care of before I head to FL myself. Shoe shopping with anyone of the male gender isn’t exactly the most ideal scenario. Also, mani/pedi/eyebrow waxing should be shared with girlfriends, not husbands.

Trying out a new restaurant

Well new to me anyways. Tonight My parents and I walked downtown to a sports bar/kicky after work hangout.

You can choose to sit inside to watch one of several high definition TVs, or outside on the patios. We would have sat outside, but it was full and some woman found the loop hole to the “no smoking” rule by standing literally on the other side of the fence to light up.

The menu offered a decent variety of food. They have your standard burgers and appetizers, but where some restaurants would feature a slight pretentious cocktail list, Edmund’s went fusion with dessert and booze:

Ice cream and Pucker, for those with a more sophisticated palette

I went with the Fiesta Chicken sandwich, which was amazing!

Who could pass up a sandwich with refried beans AND avocado?? Not this gal

Let's see what she's got under the hood

The proof that I only ate half of the sandwich - I'm really proud of myself and my guts will thank me later.

All sandwiches come with your option of sides; I chose the steak fries. Those were pleasing as well.

And for the cherry on the sundae, a picture of Dad’s Bleu Burger

It bleu me away....ewwwwww, that lame joke hurt on the way up.

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