Open House!

Good Sunday evening, blog readers.

This week ended with a celebration of two different female cousins completing a phase of their education; one high school and one college. I’m so proud of both of my cousins and their accomplishments. I love spending time with my extended family, and I’m not just saying that because a lot of them read this blog. Seriously, I’m blessed with some awesome family members. They’re funny, warm and welcoming, and not bad lookin’ either. We’re so much alike! It’s all in the genes =)

I wouldn't kick him out of bed at any age!

(Rob Lowe)
It was a great weather-day for socializing and catching up after 6+ months of being out-of-state.

Our first stop for my cousin M’s high school graudation. Truth be told, this was my first time meeting M. She is a lovely girl and has a good head on her shoulders; back to those good genes again. Her mom is going to be running in Twilight 5k in two weeks with myself, Dear Hubby, and 5+ of my cousins. The family that runs together, gets the trots together.

I have to say, without taking anything away from other open houses I’ve been to, but M’s parents know how to throw one bitchin’ open house! Let’s get to the important part: the food. Trays and trays of goodies were everywhere! Sandwiches were provided by our OTHER cousin’s sub shop, Submarina. Stop in and tell em I said hi. They’ll wonder who the hell I am.

Isn't that an amazing cake? Nobody wanted to cut it, but we all we were ready to eat it!

And as if that three-layer diva cake weren’t enough, there was a chocolate fountain and skewers O’strawberries. I’m not a chocolate freak, but that just was too cool to pass up.

Strawberries in anything = healthy, right? P.S. Those ginger snap cookies were worth a shout-out as well.

Outside there was a soft-serve ice cream machine, but there was such a crowd around it that it was impossible to get a picture. And since this is the side of the family I don’t know quite as well, I didn’t think it would be right to push them out of the way.

Plus, I was distracted by the inflatable, bouncy castle. Dear Hubby challenged me to give it a try. Would I join him?

"I got a dollar that says you won't come in here!"


"I already checked your wallet for cash earlier, but you're on!

I wonder what that little kid in the corner thought about us invading his space

After a few rounds of “Jump Until You Get a Little Throw Up in Your Mouth” in the bouncy castle, I called it quits and got out. But the fun didn’t end there.

Amazing idea! The booth prints out two sets of the pictures; one for you and one for a photo album for the graduate. Dear Hubby and I agreed we would have another wedding reception this year just so we could do that for us. Not another wedding – I couldn’t take the dieting again.

Glad Dear Hubby switched up the facial expression

Party #2 – College Graduation
Ok. So. It’s not to say that the 2nd graduation celebration was less special or lower in stature or anything, but I honestly didn’t take as many pictures at this one as the high school party. It does not represent my love or admiration for this graduate, but it does say that there was more chatting and less activity. You know, the higher the level of education, the more mature the crowd was. Especially when the topic of adults with baby hands came up.

The food was absolutely amazing! I did manage to sneak a few photos.

BBQ chicken, garden salad, sour kraut for the German pride, and Bell's beer.

National food of the Fatherland

Sunday night before the flight
Dear Hubby leaves early tomorrow morning for Florida; he’s the best man in HIS best man’s wedding next Saturday. Since he was unable to join the boys for the bachelor party (awwwww shoooot!) he’s going to spend some quality guy time before the nuptials. What a life he’s got.

And what’s a Sunday night without a snack? I was carb-loading for the half marathon tomorrow comfort because I will be without my husband for the next three days.

Dark Chocolate and Sandwich Thins are the recipe for lonely hearts

Don't forget the Cheerios/Cinnamon Toast Crunch chaser

And if he ever asks, I missed him the WHOLE time, even when I got the entire bed to myself.

2 thoughts on “Open House!

  1. Love your blog Amanda – I find it very entertaining. Love your sense of humor! Thanks for the props for M’s open house. I am so glad you had a good time. It was great seeing you and I am looking forward to our run next week.

  2. First: pictures look scary of Rob Lowe.
    Second: That cake looked VERY good.
    Third: Never had strawberries with chocolate, looks alright.
    Fourth: Looks like Mr.Ferrari he was thinkin ” you aint comin in here hahaha ”
    Fifth: You look like a loser in that bouncy castle. Hehe just kidding look like you were having fun. 🙂
    Sixth: That kid was probably thinking get out already so I could play. haha
    Seventh: Mr.Ferrari’s could of had more facial experssion lol.
    Eighth: That BBQ chicken n Miller Lite looks good. ( just kidding about the Miller Lite )
    Tenth: National food of the Fatherland look awesome.
    11th: Dark Chocolate? ehh nasty hahaha
    Last: Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the BEST.

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