Dinner and a Movie

Last night, Dear Hubby and I decided to treat ourselves for no apparent reason. Dinner and a movie; you can’t go wrong with a classic. We decided to hit up my old stomping grounds and see “Super 8” at the Lansing Mall West movie theater. It used to be THE movie theater when I was in middle and high school. Then the big dogs came to play and Celebration Cinema dominated. I mean, how can you compete against the only theater with an IMAX?? You can’t. You don’t. But when you drop your Saturday evening, adult prices to $4.50 – WINNING!
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What made Dear Hubby insist want to see “Super 8” was the fact that it was written and directed by the same dude from the show “Lost,” J.J. Abrams. One of the things that I did to make Dear Hubby fall madly in love with me was to watch all the seasons of “Lost” to catch up to the final season. Let me do the math: 5 seasons, 106 episodes in approximately one year to be able to still not get it understand what was happening on February 2, 2010 (thank you Wikipedia) when Season 6 premiered. Maybe it’s a chick thing, but unless there was going to be a topless Ryan Reynolds or Sean Connery in this film, J.J. Abrams wasn’t enough of a pull to get me to buy a ticket.

Yes, please!

A lover and a reader...Yesh, pleaze!

(Ryan and Sean)
I won’t be a jerk and spoil the movie, but it was actually very good. It’s been awhile since you’ve been able to go to watch a movie without blood, T & A, or gratuitous violence overshadowing poor plot and dialogue. Well done. AND! No smoke monster.

Two Friends at Los Tres Amigos!
Despite the drum of popcorn that was purchased at the movie theater – I’m sure I’ll post a bitch-blog about that in the near future – Dear Hubby and I continued to seduce ourselves by heading out to a local mexican restaurant that is known for fast and friendly service and delicioso dinnah.

One of the things that attracts me to a restaurant is the quality of the chips and salsa. Los Tres Amigos definitely gets an extra star from me because of the dual salsa bowls AND carafe. They don’t leave anything out. Clever.

Minimal salt and NO trace of oil on the chips.

I’m certainly not a vegetarian, but something about this menu really appealed to me. I went with the Vegetarian Combo D, even though I probably couldn’t tell the difference between the three entrees.

And then this platter o’plenty showed up.

On a separate plate, this quesadilla-looker enticed me with its cheesiness. I think we have a kindred bond there.

At this time I’d like to mention my touch of lactose intolerance. Ok, so I’m not officially diagnosed with it, but I do have some very…graphic reactions to dairy products that are anything but fat free. I can do skim milk in small doses; just enough to make a bowl of oatmeal. And some yogurts are ok. Cheese and I….well yea, not really. So what was I thinking? That this tasted awesome!

Definitely worth a night of the B.G.s and midnight/3am bathroom runs - literally

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