Getting Friendly

Good afternoon, All and welcome to the weekend!

I’m in much better spirits today because I just got done with an hour long tutoring session with my Chemistry professor. It was SO helpful. I may even consider making amends with Chemistry; get a little more friendly. I feel as though a lot of the cobwebs have been cleared away from my grey matter. It’s true what they say about asking for help: “You’re an idiot.” “He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.” Danish proverb. Danish.

Yummy. ::Drool::
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My professor helped me realize that Chemistry isn’t so scary after all. Take it one molecule at a time and there are no cationic clowns hiding under your bed.

God bless you, Professor Guy. Seriously, that’s his name. I’m not being a sarcastic anti-Chemite.

Friends ReUnite
Our dear friends, A & B, hosted us last night in their brand, spank-me, new house. It is a gorgeous home that they have really made their own. Dear Hubby and I used to work with B in a former life and bonded with her and A over cocktails and board games. They have an awesome store in the booming metropolis of Ann Arbor. You really should stop by Get Your Game On.

Are we presentable, Dear Hubby? Was there ever any doubt?

Our dish-to-pass: marinated veggies that I slaved over all morning.

A & B provided an amazing spread of summer delights; burgers, dogs, fruit, and chips.

We haven’t seen A & B as a foursome since our wedding. Reunited and it feels so good.

A & B, Dear Hubby & Chemistry Queen

One thought on “Getting Friendly

  1. Oh Amanda, I LOVE your blog! How cool and I am so happy you and chemistry are becoming friends 🙂 We had a great evening with you and Dan and hope to see you both again soon! Thanks so much for coming and bringing the delicious marinade veggies-the tomatoes were my favorite!

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