Experimenting in the Kitchen

Sunday Funday is once again upon us. It was all about changes, the fruits of labors, and mixology at its best.

A Bloomin’ Idiot
Bright and early this morning I dropped Dear Hubby off for what I like to call “Man-Therapy.” You guessed it: a few rounds of golf with other testosterone-filled mutants friends. You know what they say about absences and their effect on the heart.

While drying my eyes packing the car up, I noticed a delicious scent from the garden; peonies.

Smells like my hand lotion. Weird coincidence.


Two natural beauties

Cookin’ up Something Good
My mom has an amazing knack for creating soups and stews that are loosely based on a variety of recipes; mostly her own. As someone who is attempting to cook more and not rely so much on the frozen section of the grocery store, I’m amazed at her ability to see a handful of ingredients and turn it into a crowd pleaser. Her record stands for itself: 29 consecutive years of holiday knockouts; 0 food poisoning cases. Shut up. Not everyone in this nuclear family can say that.
Today we made a Mexican/tortilla/black bean soup. I’m going to go ahead and admit that I was more of an observer than a participant, but that’s what keeps people in the food line and out of Urgent Cares.

Black beans, corn, carrots, onions, cabbage, and diced tomatoes = Dinner of champs

“How’s the soup coming, Mom?”

“Almost done. Don’t put that picture in your blog.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Julia Child's got nothing on me, baby!

Molecular Melt Down
So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been inconsistent with my blog postings lately. If it were up to me in my ideal world, I’d post at least once a day cuz my life is that interesting. However, I have mistakenly over-estimated my abilities to do it all and eat my cake too…angel food cake that is. Topped with strawberries.

Anywho! Back at the farm…

Lab Kit and Textbook

So what has been derailing my blog-based focus? The Devil’s spawn: Chemistry.
Today I had to finish several labs that I put off until the last minute needed some extra help on. It turns out, the labs are a lot more fun than reading chapters and answering problems about chemical compositions and ionic formulas. Go figure.
THE coolest thing about this class is my lab kit. It’s filled with beakers, pipet syringes, glass test tubes, and enough chemicals to make my parents double-check their home owner’s insurance policy.

Amanda Ferrari, the Science Gal

I camped out in the kitchen and setup my little science laboratory. Mom supervised so that I didn’t turn her good Tupperware into petri dishes.

Rainbow of chemical reactions

Even though Science isn’t my bag, I had to put my personal touch on it. I loved how all the equipment was miniature in size. It made me feel legit, without taking myself too seriously.

I wonder if I can get a lab coat in that pattern

My NEW lab kit box.

The ADORABLE chemical samples for my labs

Safety first

Is that a 25mL graduated cylinder in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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