Something has caught my attention and since I’ve been wearing my “blog material” glasses while looking at the world, I couldn’t help but think this thing has Fancy Oatmeal potential.

It doesn’t really matter that this has nothing to do with oatmeal and is about as far away from fancy as you can get without turning stomachs. It must be shared with the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my husbands freaky toe!

I've named it Jeb. Seems fitting.

Several thoughts come to mind:
1. This is gross.

2. This is fascinating.

3. This is much better on his foot than mine.

4. This morning-after blister is groundbreaking in our house, but probably nothing compared to other runner’s toes and toe nails that fall off. We suffer none of these things, so it’s all relative.

5. This needs to be chronicled.

3 thoughts on “Oddities

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