Trying Something New

Ok. So I have previously mentioned wanting to try and cook with tofu. I already have purchased a package (see “Stepping Out With My Baby…” post) I have yet to actually do anything with it. I’m going to. Soon. Very soon. Like, next week sometime.

BUTTTTTTTTTT! While at Whole Foods, we saw almost the exact recipe that I want to try making with my tofu.

However the real challenge isn’t in the purchasing, but in the consuming.
Tofu = a first for this bloggette.

Doesn't look like a threatening side dish.

I dunno about this anymore. That's a mighty big hunk-O-tofu

Id seemz ok thso fur



How the hell did that picture get into the blog???? I’VE BEEN HACKED!!!!! I feel like such a Weiner. (Topical humor: +10 points)


There….that’s more like it.

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