Whole-y Moly!

Aaaaaaaaand, I’m back.

So let me summarize my absenteeism lately on the ol’ bloggin’ game: CHEMISTRY! I’ve been diving head-first into my first semester of online courses through Barton Co. Community College. I’m only taking two classes, but this is really my first time taking Chemistry, so I suck.

But there is a totally more exciting topic to get to: my first trip eva to

I, too, am now whole.

I brought along the two women who I thought would buy me the most groceries get a kick out of both the store and my inaugural shopping trip, my mom and mother-in-law. They checked in with me now and then, but let me roam the aisles in amazement. I found myself running back to show them ANOTHER amazing product, like an eager 5 year old emptying her Christmas stocking.

One of my favorite things about combing through each and every aisle was finding the clever product names.


"Can I get some granola?" "Fat Chance Honey"

Perfect for jazzing up your yogurt

Not sure why, but I couldn't stop giggling about this one

This one definitely deserved a picture. My mother-in-law’s nickname at work is Goddess, as is this brand of Annies Naturals Dressing

Who's the mother and who's the daughter???

For the Anti-Atkinies

Get up and quit loafing around...get it?? Anyone?

I have no idea what this is....bread aisle discovery

Ahhh. The Fatherland

What are those??

Oh! Genius.

These are in a health food store??!?!? WTF?!?!?!

The following is a warning from the A.D.I.D.O. (Anti-Drool-Induced-Damage Organization) The following photos may cause tremendous amounts of additional drool production and uncontrollable urges to reach into the computer screen. As a precaution, we at the A.D.I.D.O. suggest sitting on your thumbs while viewing the remainder of the blog.

Funny enough, that was my nickname in high school.

Yes, please! You can't feel guilty about wanting to eat these.

Ok, I feel a little guilty about wanting to devour this

If wanting you is wrong, I don't wanna be right

I bought a few goodies home for Dear Hubby: mini Cannoli and mini peanut butter cup. I think he likey.

"You did good, Babe. This is why I married you."

"Quit taking my picture for your blog." "I'm not"

Shopping Success!

All in all, the day was amazing and I will be sure to revisit Whole Foods many times before heading back to Alaska in August…if for nothing else but to visit these little seductive, sexy succulents:

Ironically enough, that’s the nickname I gave my bosom.

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