Out to the Ballgame

Rise and shine! Happy Memorial Day (that’s today, right?)

I hate and love how easy it is to lose track of your days when you don’t have a normal routine to fall into. I know, a champagne problem. Bottoms up!

Saturday was to have two high points: a legit outdoor run and our first Tigers game of the 2011 season.

Run, Baby, Run!
Per Mom’s request to only be mentioned by name in my blog, I have no photos from my morning run. She joined me for the A.M. by riding her bike along side me screaming through a bullhorn to run faster as I ran. It actually worked out quite well. A combination of wanting to improve my previous pace, and not run so slow as Mom would tip over on her bike kept my feet a flyin’.

Conclusion:4.51 miles in 39:18 – 8:44 pace.

After a turkey wrap and whole wheat pasta salad lunch, it was time to get cleaned up and head downtown for the boys of summer baseball game. Our friends, Chris and Amanda, joined us from Pittsburgh. They are the rarely seen legit Boston Red Sox fans.

(Sidenote: I’ve been taught to be highly discriminatory towards anyone who claims to be a Red Sox fans. It’s very chic to wear your red “B” hat and blow your weekly’ paycheck on $12 beers in Boston. Having been raised on mediocre home teams, Detroit folks never had “fair weather” fans. The storms always a-blownin.)

New duds for the game…

I really need to stop thinking this pose is socially acceptable.

Miguel Cabrera jersey; a birthday gift from a loving wife

If you blog it, they will come...

We grabbed dinner in Greek Town with Amanda and Chris. We ate at the Golden Fleece restaurant in the heart of downtown. It was really quite nice; I love the atmosphere of a “dive bar.” They tend to have the best food and it’s tough to find a seat. I ordered the Chicken Gyro sandwich, and wasn’t disappointed.

Feel like we're in Athens itself

Love a store-front kitchen. Check out that side of beef....

Is there a drive-thru for the Beer & Wine?

Royalty @ the Ballpark
First of all, nobody told me that it was Elvis night at the ball park. They really should have a sign or something.


Well now you're just showing off

A Gambling Man
There’s no denying the thrill that one receives when placing a bet and trying to woo Lady Luck to be on your side. Dear Hubby is far from what we’d consider a gambler, but likes to “make things interesting” from time to time. So last night, being denied a chance to let it ride at the casinos, he decided to try his luck at the memorabilia table.

I like the odds

We were hoping for an autographed baseball; autographs would have come from anyone from the past three seasons. A 2005 All Star ball would have been the next best thing. A game-used-ball would have been ok, but would have probably ended up in the garage.

I got my fingers crossed!

"Autograph ball. Please, please, please, please."


2005 All Star! Anyone seen Pudge lately?

Weather Report
Just before the game was scheduled to start, 7:05 pm, we found our way to our seats. You can really see everything from up here.

Less than 10 minutes later, the tarps were placed on the field. The weather report wasn’t looking so great for a ball game tonight.

They called it at 8:30. See you tomorrow folks

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